Neal Adams Reads Batman vs. Elmer Fudd... In Character

batman vs elmer fudd comic

Batman vs. Elmer Fudd is such an unusual idea that the concept seems to have really taken off with readers, but excitement over the one-shot issue seems to have overwhelmed Neal Adams. The comic book artist, famed for his work in series like Batman, Superman and Green Arrow, recently uploaded a video of him reading excerpts from the comic as the characters -- his Elmer Fudd is actually pretty good.

Written by Tom King and drawn by Lee Weeks, Batman vs. Elmer Fudd pits the Dark Knight against a brooding Elmer Fudd who wants what he’s always wanted: To catch that wascally wabbit. Of course, the issue talks place in Gotham City, where nothing is that simple. A twisting murder mystery unfolds with Bugs Bunny at the center, and Batman is in on the action every step of the way. That is, if he can elude Elmer Fudd, who has become obsessed with him.

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The issue was one of a line of DC Comics characters that crossed over with Looney Toons. The issues released back June and revealed numerous unlikely pairs like Wonder Woman and the Tazmanian Devil, Martian Manhunter and Marvin the Martian and Lobo and the Road Runner, among others.

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