NBM's "The Jungle" Sells Out

Official Press Release

Peter Kuper's remarkable graphic novelisation of Upton Sinclair's classic THE JUNGLE has sold out in about a month since release! NBM is rushing back to press for a second printing.

Reviews have been effusive. Publishers Weekly has just given it a starred review saying: "Kuper infuses this 1906 novel with the energy of his own profoundly original graphic innovation, making it a classic in its own right." Andrew Arnold of Time.comix said: "In rendering Sinclair's vision, Kuper uses the full power of his graphic style to remarkable effect. By adding his own purely visual commentary, Kuper essentially doubles the power of the book's social message. "The Jungle" is gorgeous to look at. Successfully mixes both artistic andpolitical agendas into a new work of engaged literature."

Sinclair's book provoked a furor with its frank portrayal of dismal conditions and unsanitary standards at the stockyards of Chicago at the dawn of the XXth century. Rarely does a book of fiction actually alter the conditions of society. The Jungle managed to do just that by eliciting sweeping regulation and reform in the meat–packing industry with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act.It is also a very compelling take on the plight of the average worker before the rise of the unions, focusing on the story of one man and his family. Sinclair's main motive was, in fact, to advocate socialism and criticize the excesses of capitalism.

This adaptation is a reissue from the more recent Classics Illustrated run of the eighties which featured short adaptations of great classics by a star-studded roster of comic artists. Published as one of the last in the line before it was ended, this book never got much circulation and remained hard to find for over a decade. It thus predates many of the books Kuper is now famous for and inaugurated his unique stenciled color work. One can feel the heart he put into this. The result stands as one of his best achievements. This edition, designed by Kuper, has completely redone the scans from his originals and presents the work in a bigger more enduring format.

Peter Kuper is the co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated a political zine he has co-edited for 25 years and his illustrations appear regularly in Time and The New York Times as well as MAD where he has drawn SPY vs. SPY every month since 1997.

For more on the book with sample pages, go to http://www.nbmpub.com/comicslit/kuper/kupeyehome.html.

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