NBM/Papercutz pick up <i>Garfield</i> license, new David B., more digital

NBM publisher Terry Nantier posted some news yesterday about his company's upcoming publishing plans. Papercutz, NBM's all-ages imprint, has picked up the rights to publish a Garfield comic book based on the Cartoon Network show -- which, of course, is based on the comic strip of the same name.

He also mentioned some new projects and initiatives for NBM proper:

I can tell you we’ve got a new David B lined up where we’re going to take a quite different approach to how we present it than what we’ve been doing. Also the next Louvre book will look quite different! Basically, we’re seeing we don’t need to be married to the 6×9 format as much as we were so we’re going to open things up!

Also, we’re seeing a need for our books to reflect what we publish: beautiful quality comics you want to have physically and keep proudly in your library. For those who’d rather not spend so much, we’ll be multiplying our efforts on the E-book side.

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