NBM Publishing Rewards Retailers with Free Signed Graphic Novels

Official Press Release

NBM Publishing, Inc., successful graphic novel publisher of Peter Kuper's adaptation of The Jungle, P. Craig Russell's award-winning Fairy Tales of Oscar WIlde, and the steamy Girl series by Kevin Taylor is rewarding retailers this holiday season with free signed editions by the above creators and more!

"This new idea gives our retailer partners free books to do with as they see fit," said Tony Shenton, NBM's Sales Manager. "They can use these books for raffles or as customer rewards, or employee incentives. They can even take these rewards as a thank you for years of faithful business. It works this way: for an initial order of 20 units, the shops get one free signed edition. For each 5 units more, an additional signed book may be chosen. Retailers can select from the list up on our website: www.nbmpub.com. We're including Kuper, Rall, Taylor, Clarke, Russell, Eisner and more!"

"This program isn't just for our continuing customers. New retailers can also take part and share in the rewards. We encourage everyone's participation."

For a complete listing of NBM titles, call the NBM office at 1-800-886-1223 and request a catalog, or download the product listing from the website www.nbmpub.com. See complete details of this order there as well.

Orders may be placed through the website or by contacting Tony Shenton toll free: 888-789-6147 or email at Shenton4Sales@aol.com.

Hurry! Offer expires December 15th for pre-holiday shipping!

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