NBC's Powerless Cast Choose Their Favorite DC Characters

The DC Comics-inspired sitcom "Powerless" starts its run on NBC tonight, and in an exclusive clip from an interview conducted as part of this week's "DC All Access" web series, three of the show's main cast members each picked their favorite DC characters.

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Vanessa Hudgens, who stars in the show as Emily Locke, answered Catwoman as her favorite, saying that when she was 3 or 4, she "used to dress up as Catwoman every single day" -- which timing-wise makes some sense, seeing as that was right around the time of "Batman Returns" and "Batman: The Animated Series." Danny Pudi, who plays Teddy, picked Elongated Man, because he "looks closer to to me." Ron Funches, also known as "Ron" in "Powerless," made a very enthusiastic choice: "John Stewart! The one, true, only Black Green Lantern! He is the best!"

Here's the clip:

And here's this week's "DC All Access," featuring more from Hudgens, Pudi and Funches:

"Powerless," telling the story of employees at Wayne Security (yes, as in "Bruce Wayne") tasked with protecting the innocent bystanders of superhero attacks, premieres at 8:30 tonight on NBC, and also stars Alan Tudyk as Van Wayne and Christina Kirk as Jackie.

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