NBC Watchmen Character Profiles!

All this week, on the various NBC networks, there will be special character profiles for each of the Watchmen characters.

* March 1 – Clip montage featuring Dr. Manhattan airs exclusively during “National Treasure” on USA Network.

* March 2 – Clip montage featuring Rorschach airs exclusively during “Heroes” on NBC.

* March 4 – Clip montage featuring Ozymandias airs exclusively during “Ghost Hunters International” on SCI FI.

* March 5 – Clip montage featuring Nite Owl airs exclusively during “Battlestar Galactica” on SCI FI.

* March 5 – Clip montage featuring Silk Spectre II airs exclusively during “Burn Notice” on USA Network.

* March 5 – Clip montage featuring The Comedian airs exclusively during “30 Rock” on NBC.

Or, alternatively, you can check out their site for the profiles here (the profiles will be posted to the site after they appear on live TV first).

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