NBC Revisiting Sci-Fi Thriller 'Frequency'

Continuing the recent reboot trend, NBC has begun developing a new take on the 2000 time-travel thriller Frequency.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver will write the project, from Warner Bros. Television, which differs from the Toby Emmerich-penned film.

In the original, Jim Caviezel starred as a homicide detective who makes contact with his late father (Dennis Quaid) exactly 30 years in the past, on the day before he dies in a warehouse fire. The two end up working together to solve a murder in two different time periods. In NBC's version, an NYPD detective connects with his son 30 years in the future, leading the two to try to heal their relationship and change history to prevent a tragic event from happening.As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Frequency joins a growing list of films being remade for television -- among them, Minority Report, Rush Hour, Problem Child, Hitch and The Illusionist.

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