NBC Resurrects 'Babylon Fields' in Wake of Undead Show Announcements

A few times a year, creative types in Hollywood do their best to get their shows on the air. Some of them actually get the scripts written and pitched, while fewer still attract network attention, leading to a pilot being cast and shot with the ultimate goal of going to series. In the process, a lot of intriguing series get axed for various reason. Leading into the 2007 season, CBS had one such show called Babylon Fields.

Created by Michael Cuesta (Homeland), Gerald Cuesta (Second Sight) and Michael Atkinson, the drama found dead townspeople coming back. According to Deadline, NBC has decided to give Babylon Fields another shot in the wake of the success of The Walking Dead, and upcoming projects like A&E's remake of The Revenants and ABC's Resurrection.

Ray Stevenson, Kathy Baker and Amber Tamblyn starred in the original pilot, which you can watch below. Atkinson and Gerald Cuesta have been brought back on to write a new pilot for Michael Cuesta to direct. All three will executive produce. You can credit Jennifer Salke for trying to bring Babylon Fields to TV screens once again: The current NBC Entertainment president was executive vice president of creative affairs at 20th Fox TV when they made their first attempt. Clearly she sees a lot of life -- or afterlife -- in the concept.

Babylon Fields [2007][Unsold Pilot] by UnknownArchiveTV

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