NBC’s Powerless Not 'Officially' Canceled ... Yet

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Despite being pulled this week from NBC's Thursday schedule, the producers of "Powerless" insist the DC Comics-based sitcom hasn't been officially canceled -- at least not yet. Nevertheless, one of its showrunners is lamenting what might've been.

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The low-rated freshman sitcom disappeared from the network's lineup with two episodes remaining in the first season, leading to the obvious conclusion: that the ax had dropped. But if "Powerless" is canceled, nobody has told the show's producers.

Patrick Schumacker tweeted Thursday that the comedy is "not officially canceled yet," as sentiment echoed by his co-showrunner, Justin Halpern, in a Reddit AMA.

Still, Halpern struck a less-hopeful tone, referring to "Powerless" in the past tense, and teasing what the finale would have looked like.

“Wish you could have seen the finale,” he wrote. “LexCorp and President Luthor try to destroy the Earth and our guys stop them. We really went for it in the finale. I think we spent 5 episodes worth of our effects budget on it.”

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However, Halpern stressed that there's been no official announcement from NBC about the remaining episodes. “We hope that they air, or are at least released on Hulu," he wrote. "I honestly don't know right now, though."

“Powerless” premiered in February to average ratings, netting just north of 3 million viewers. Since then, the show has been inconsistent in its viewership, teetering around 2 million viewers in its Thursday timeslot. By contrast, “Superstore,” the workplace comedy that follows "Powerless," pulls in between 3 and 4 million viewers.

Set at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that develops products to protect everyday citizens in a world populated by superheroes and supervillains, "Powerless" stars Vanessa Hudgens and Danny Pudi.

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