NBC Playground's 'Stunted' a fun watch for comic book fans

Part of NBC Playground -- a chance for up-and-coming comedy writers and creators to get their television pitches made to series both on-air and digitally -- "Stunted" by Jeff Galante caters very much to the comic book crowd, with its pilot episode filled with comic book references, following a main character that's would-be comic creator and featuring a music video called "Ex-Men" that has a guy cosplaying Cyclops while playing a keytar.

And yes, you read that last part right. In case you were wondering, the lead singer is dressed like Wolverine -- but with a mullet. Take that '90s Superman.

Really the show focuses on the millennial generation and all their eccentricities (insert obligatory "Get off my lawn!"), but done through the lens of someone associated with the comic industry. It's clear Galante is a comic fan himself and while the pilot isn't perfect, it was made purposefully low-cost for the web with the hope of a potential series. So, should it get picked up, the production value would increase (but never change those "Ex-Men" costumes; keep those forever and add a full band in equally amazing cosplay).

Check out "Stunted" below. The more hits and eyes it gets, the better its chances.

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