NBC Developing NASCAR Drama

The most surprising thing about the news that NBC is working on The Crew, a family drama centering around NASCAR currently being developed by Heroes' Joe Pokaski? That it's taken this long to happen.

Seriously, considering the success and size of the hardcore fanbase of NASCAR in the US, I can't believe that no-one has tried to do what sounds like Friday Night Lights for NASCAR before. Deadline reports that the drama will center on "the family of distinctly different 'brothers' on a NASCAR racing team who, as individuals have their own lives and dreams, opportunities and problems but as a team share a singular goal - to be the best." The series will be produced with co-operation from NASCAR itself, with NBC said to be in negotiations for usage of logos, race footage and more. Expect the show to be greenlit soon, and then canceled within a couple of seasons before DirecTV picks it up.

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