NBC Developing Series Based on The Black Tapes Horror Podcast

the black tapes

NBC, home of Grimm and Midnight, Texas, is putting another supernatural series into development -- a new thriller based on the popular narrative genre podcast The Black Tapes.

Deadline reports the show will come from producer Matthew Arnold, the co-creator of Emerald City, also for NBC, and the podcast's creators Paul Bae and Terry Miles, in conjunction with 360 Productions and Universal TV.

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The Black Tapes podcast is told in a nonfiction style about a podcast host, Alex Reagan, who becomes fascinated by the work of "Evangelical" paranormal skeptic Dr. Richard Strand and his catalog of unsolved cases, labeled "The Black Tapes." Strand investigates supernatural mysteries in an effort to debunk them, but his life becomes as much a mystery as his cases.

Black Tapes ranks in the top 10 of Apple's iTunes Arts chart in America and the top 50 in the UK and Commonwealth countries Canada and Australia. To date, it's been downloaded 41.5 million times. No new episodes have been posted in over a year, but that doesn't matter to Apple or for the podcast, so long as subscription numbers keep going up.

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Arnold's show at NBC will similarly follow a journalist investigating supernatural events a skeptical scientist records on tape. The two team up to chase ghosts and wrestle their inner demons week after week. Executive producing for 360 Productions are Guymon Casady and Ben Forkner. A premiere date has not been set.

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