It's Official: Powerless Canceled By NBC


NBC quietly removed Powerless from its Thursday lineup late last month, leading to the immediate conclusion the DC Comics-based workplace comedy wouldn't finish its first season. Although fans, not to mention its co-showrunners, clung to hope the network has made it official: Powerless has indeed been canceled.

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TVLine notes that the last episode that aired, on April 20, experienced a 30-percent drop in ratings, drawing in a mere 2.1 million viewers. From the star, Powerless had difficulty finding an audience, attracting just 3.1 million viewers with its Feb. 2 premiere, a number that steadily declined with each subsequent episode.

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Set within the DC Universe, the workplace comedy centered on the employees of Wayne Security, a Wayne Enterprises subsidiary that specializes in products to make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer as they try not to become collateral damage in the battles between superheroes and supervillains. NBC originally ordered 13 episodes, two of which have yet to air. It's unknown whether those remaining episodes will be released.

Powerless starred Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke, Danny Pudi as Teddy, Christina Kirk as Jackie, Ron Funches as Ron, and Alan Tudyk as Van Wayne.

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