Nazis Return To The Moon For 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race'

In what has to be one of the weirdest sequel news stories of 2014 so far, the sequel to the 2012 Finnish/German/Australian science fiction comedy Iron Sky -- which told the story of Nazis who fled to the moon to build a space fleet and conquer Earth -- looks like it's going to move forward. According to Variety, Iron Sky: The Coming Race will feature the return of director Timo Vuorensola with a script by Dalan Musson. The duo are also working together on Warner Bros. upcoming film Jeremiah Harm.

At $13 million, Iron Sky: The Coming Race has nearly twice the budget of the first film, with backing from The Finnish Film Foundation and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Variety describes it as "one of the most ambitious projects being developed in Finland."

Vuorensola announced in 2013 that The Coming Race was in the works, and that it would be funded via Indiegogo, which raised $182,557. An Iron Sky sequel is certainly odd, considering the negative critical reception of the first film, but that said -- it's Nazis on the moon. It's pretty tough to argue the entertainment value of the concept.

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