Nathan Fillion Is (Finally) Nathan Drake in Uncharted Fan Film

Nathan Fillion in Uncharted

For many years, Nathan Fillion has been a go-to dream-casting choice for fans. It seems at least some of their prayers have been answered, because Fillion is now the star of fan short based on the video game series Uncharted. Fillion, of course, has the title role of Nathan Drake, but he's not the only standout member of the cast.

Drake is nothing without his stalwart mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan, who's played here by none other than Stephen Lang of Avatar and Terra Nova fame. They're joined by Elena Fisher, portrayed by Mircea Monroe of Episodes. The villain of the piece is Geno Segers, famous for a terrifying turn in the cult sensation Bone Tomahawk.

This fan film is unsanctioned by Sony and Naughty Dog, but the love for the source material is apparent. It opens with a quote from a famous explorer, and Fillion's Nathan Drake is on-point. He's even right on the money with his historical banter. The action is impressive considering the assumed limited budget, and the cinematography pays homage to the game in some clever ways.

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There's been little recent news about the Uncharted movie, but with the interest of big stars and some fan enthusiasm, maybe this short will be enough to goose along development. If not, it's clear that Fillion and company had a delightful time making this.

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