Nathan Fillion Honors Firefly Role In Upcoming American Housewife Stint

While this isn't exactly news of a Firefly reunion, it should at the very least get fans of the cancelled-too-soon Joss Whedon TV series a little stoked. Take a deep breath -- Nathan Fillion will soon guest as a fictionalized version of himself on the ABC series American Housewife, and in his appearance he will once again don the clothing of Firefly's captain, Mal Reynolds.

Why exactly Fillion suits up as Mal Reynolds is unclear, but for now you can speculate thanks to this behind-the-scenes image posted to Twitter.

Hey look, it's @NathanFillion with @KatyEMixon & @ImMegDonnelly on the set of @AmericanWifeABC! Stay tuned for more information on Nathan's upcoming guest starring role (as himself!) in two upcoming episodes of #AmericanHousewife #ABCPublicity pic.twitter.com/PAc6aRusGS

— ABC Publicity (@ABC_Publicity) March 14, 2018

Could Fillion's fictionalized take be filming a Firefly reunion within this American Housewife universe?

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In addition to appearing at countless conventions for the role, Fillion has always looked back fondly on his time as Mal Reynolds. Several of Fillion's Firefly co-stars appeared on his long-running series Castle, while he himself sported Mal Reynolds' clothing in a Halloween episode of the hit show.

American Housewife is in the midst of its second season, airing Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

(via TVLine)

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