Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Turn to Crowdfunding For 'Con Man'

"Firefly" alums Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk took to Indiegogo to fund their new webseries "Con Man," described as "a lighthearted take on the personalities, luminaries, and characters in the sci­-fi community."

Tudyk will play Wray Nerely, an actor who starred in a fictional sci fi show called "Spectrum" that was canceled early but became a cult classic (sound familiar?). Fillion will portray his co-star and best friend, Jack Moore, who's "Matt Damon famous" after the show's demise. As such "Con Man" follows Wray as he makes the rounds at conventions, comic book stores and other events.

The campaign has already raised nearly $200,000 of its $425,000 goal. The money will go toward the first three episodes.

Tudyk is writing and directing, with Fillion producing. Sean Maher, Gina Torres, James Gunn, Seth Green, Felicia Day and Amy Acker would are also on board to appear.

On the crowdfunding page, Tudyk explains why he and Fillion chose Indiegogo over traditional networks: "In show business, a network/studio could add plenty to the business of 'Con Man,' but at the expense of the show. Complications such as dictating what guests we may have, changing the tone of the show, going into production freezes, having a delayed release, or forcing the show to only be described by a tagline like 'Extras meets Galaxy Quest,' though we will admit that is sort of an on the nose description."

"I'm not saying I have trust issues, but I have trust issues," he joked, referring to Fox's cancellation of "Firefly" after only one season.

The campaign will award contributors based on their contribution with prizes like photos, posters, T-shirts and more.

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