Nathan Edmondson teases mysterious Image series <i>Dream Merchant</i>

Besides a brief foray into Greek mythology in modern times, writer Nathan Edmondson has firmly entrenched himself as comics' own Tom Clancy with a string of espionage and military-science series such as Who Is Jake Ellis?, Dancer and the ongoing series The Activity. But with a teaser recently released by Image Comics, we now know his next tour of duty won't be on the battlefield  but rather in your mind.

Going by the Tumblr listed in the above image,  I'd wager the new series will be called The Dream Merchant. The blog offers teasers each day in the form of page snippets, along with reader-submitted stories about dreams that together paint a picture of some tortured nights. Joining Edmondson on this is artist Konstantin Novosadov, who on his own webpage has posted some further images, tagged "TDM" (presumably referring to The Dream Merchant), which paint the picture for this series even further.

With Image's solicitations for  May 2013 arriving shortly, I'd expect a fuller announcement of this series any moment now.

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