Natalie Portman Packs Heat in 'Jane Got a Gun' Photos

The first images have debuted for Jane Got a Gun, the Western thriller starring Natalie Portman. The photos show off stars Portman and Joel Edgerton, and even gives us a glimpse of the title character holding the film's titular weapon.

The film follows Portman's homesteader character after her husband returns home, riddled with bullets. When she learns that a gang of criminals led by Ewan McGregor's villainous character are on the way to finish her husband off for good, Portman turns to a rough riding sharp-shooter (Edgerton) to help her out.

The images offer the first sign of life for a production that has been in trouble before since day one, literally. Michael Fassbender exited the film before produciton began and original director Lynne Ramsay walked off on the first day of shooting. New director Gavin O'Connor signed on, but Ramsay's departure eventually led to Jude Law signing off. Jane Got a Gun is scheduled to open on Sept. 4.

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