Narwain's Launch Contains Big Name Creators

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For an international publishing company to succeed in the US, it must have something unique to offer the industry with quality books and story-telling to back up the big name creators it must have attached. Narwain Publishing is fortunate to have all three, and it shows in their first releases of HORRORAMA, FREE FALL and JENNA.

Dedicated to their readers' satisfaction, the Italy-based publishing house has assembled some of the biggest names in comics, movies and music to create new and exciting stories with potential profits in markets all over the world. From horror-movie masters Brian Yuzna and Tom Savini and comic legends like Jimmy Palmiotti to New Japan Pro Wrestling's Tiger Mask and Iron Maiden's Paul DiAnno, Narwain has developed strong relationships with creators and their characters all over the world. This same devotion is shown towards all other areas of their production, with only the best artists, printers, editors and distributors signed on board, all with the same passion for quality and success.

Fresh from a productive meeting with Narwain at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, International Enterprise is proud to be representing the foreign licensing rights of the entire Narwain line of comics and graphic novels. The partnership will bring even more exposure to the exciting new publisher in territories all over the world, where deals are already underway for international editions in Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic, and demand for the line grows with every new press release announcing more big names and incredible titles.

The first titles already signed on board and available to international publications contain their fair share of big names. From the director of the horror-classic Re-Animator comes this year's most anticipated horror-anthology collection, Brian Yuzna's HORRORAMA. 80 pages of this blood-curdling, comic-book black Sabbath are brought to you in B&W by some of the hottest names across the globe today: B. Clay Moore, Rob Worley, Jimmy Palmiotti, Sergio Ibanez, Joe Rubinstein, T.J. May and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Jimmy Palmiotti also appears alongside some big names in the FREE FALL mini-series. With fellow collaborators Gianluca Piredda, Jay Anacleto, Eric J, Dave Bryant and Brian Haberlin, FREE FALL creates a unique crime drama in which a suicidal jumper could make his family millions by providing a diversion for a bank robbery with his death. Five full color issues with Anacleto's dazzling covers complete this thrilling series, while superstar writer and producer Jeph Loeb provides the introduction to this compelling 21st-Century noir.

JENNA appears to have the perfect life for a seventeen-year-old girl. She has the cute Mary Jane-good looks, everyone loves the toys made by her father, and her mother belongs on 'Desperate Housewives.' But everything changes when she discovers her parents are linked to strange murders and demonic rituals…Iron Maiden's Paul DiAnno provides the introduction and the soundtrack to Issue #2. Written by Philip Osbourne, with art by Jim Fern and Joe Rubinstein, Jenna is already poised for a cross-over with Antartic Press' NINJA HIGH SCHOOL and gaining interest for the three-issue mini-series' appeal to younger and older readers alike.

In only the opening stages of development, Narwain is already establishing themselves as a publisher to watch. Standing out on the shelves among reproductions of old genres and recycled storylines, Narwain dares to offer the industry something new. And from the response they have received both in the States and around the world, comic readers appreciate their efforts and are looking forward to more.

And Narwain certainly has more to offer.

Stay tuned for future press releases on upcoming titles from Narwain.

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