Narwain Publishing Announces "New Orleans and Jazz" Benefit Book to Aid Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

Official Press Release

–The team at Narwain Publishing has been shocked and saddened by the tragedy that has befallen the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf Region of the United States as a result of Hurricane Katrina. We are now in the process of pulling together a graphic album to help raise money for the relief efforts.

"New Orleans and Jazz" will feature works by comics creators such as Billy Tucci, B. Clay Moore, Sal Velluto, Joe Rubinstein, Jim Fern, Ben Dunn, Eric J, Buddy Scalera, Dario Gulli, Peter Pachoumis, Lynx Studio, Gianluca Piredda, Ade Capone, Amber Greenlee, Rob Worley, Philip Osbourne, T. J. May and Jesus Barony to name the current roster. The book will celebrate the great city of New Orleans and its significant and diverse culture.


"I've been in close contact with many of our American artists since Hurricane Katrina hit, and talked with them about what has happened in New Orleans," said Narwain Sales Manager Alessandro Bandiera. "It's staggering, almost incomprehenisble, and impossible to be unmoved by this disaster. We need to do something to help and we thought, why not use our talents and resources to do something positive? We hope to find some good in these terrible events by showing the world how we feel about New Orleans."

The book will not contain stories about Narwain characters. The goal of "New Orleans and Jazz" is to pay fond tribute to the city with poetic, "musical" stories.


"New Orleans and Jazz" will be published in December and distributed by Diamond in the U.S. ALL proceeds will go to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Narwain will be publishing the album at its own expense; all revenues will go to relief organizations, like the American Red Cross.

Narwain is currently working on agreements with these charitable organizations, enlisting comic creators to contribute work and negotiating with various worldwide distributors to carry the book outside the U.S. In the days ahead, Narwain will be announcing more specific details. Creators interested in contributing works are encouraged to contact us through our website at http://www.narwain.com.


Narwain will keep concerned readers posted about the efforts, making ordering and sales data available at our website http://www.narwain.com, including a tally of the total sum raised by the effort.

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