Narwain Publishing announces 'Jenna', 'Touch', 'Wall After Wall' and 'Free Fall'.

AUGUST 23, 2005 - Narwain Publishing is pleased to unveil a slate of new comic book titles due to hit the US market in November and December. This is just the first wave of progressive new comics.

The first new title is "Jenna" written by Philip Osbourne with art by Jim Fern ("Birds of Prey"), Joe Rubinstein ("Spider-Man"), and Takeshi Miyazawa ("Mary Jane"). The book features an introduction by Iron Maiden front man Paul Dianno. The second issue will ship with its own soundtrack CD showcasing 5 songs by Dianno.

"You're not going to read a comics for teenagers only, even though the art by Fern and Rubinsten is manga-like," says Osbourne. "'Jenna' is a horror comic, and the topics it deals with are really tough. The story features some shojo manga-like characteristics... but they're not the only elements of it. Paul Dianno was interested in the 'Jenna' project just because the series mingles different styles and genres. After all, the very soundtrack which was selected is a result of this double aspect... the record contains hard rock ballads and some real heavy metal."


Narwain's next major title is "Touch", a three-issue series from writer Dario Maria Gulli and artist Wellington Dias ("CSI"). Due out in December, "Touch" tells of a televangelist who is half god and half thief. The book is wrapped in covers featuring the incomparable artwork of David Mack ("Kabuki").

"Wall after Wall" is also from Gulli with artwork by Alberto Ponticelli of "Lobo" and "Marvel Knights" fame. Horror icon Tom Savini ("Dawn of the Dead", "Land of the Dead") provides the introduction for this chilling title, referring to the project as "a masterpiece". This title is set to hit in November, with distribution in 12 countries including France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.


Comic fans interested in Narwain's current and upcoming slate are urged to check out "Narwain Preview", in November. It's a 32-page book featuring interviews, sketchbook art and new items about everything Narwain is going to publish. But that's not all! The book also contains the zero issue of "The Great Seal", drawn by Peter Pachoumis, and a short story by Sergio Ibáñez ripped from the pages of Narwain's previously announced flagship title: "Brian Yuzna's Horrorama".

It doesn't end there through. One of Narwain's most exciting releases looks to be "Free Fall", the new comics story by writer Gianluca Piredda ("Winds of Winter") with art Eric J ("Rex Mundi"), Jimmy Palmiotti ("Beautiful Killer"), and Heberlin. The book features a cover by Jay Anacleto ("Aria"). "Free Fall" showcases the Piredda's return to the thriller genre, blending the sensibilities of comics and film. "Cinema has always been one of my bigger passion, and I don't see so many difference between the two medium", Piredda said.


All that is just the beginning. Future works from Narwain will include new comics from creators like Billy Tucci ("Shi"), Jimmy Palmiotti ("Beautiful Killer", "Hawkman"), Justin Grey ("Hawkman", "Monolith"), Ben Dunn ("Marvel Mangaverse", "Warrior Nun") and filmmaker Brian Yuzna ("Society", "Re-Animator").

In the tradition of "Horroram", "X-SF Comics" will launch as a 48 page anthology dedicated to the pure science fiction and featuring the work of Ben Dunn, Amber Greenlee ("No Stereotypes") and Rob Worley ("Advent Rising") among others.

Fan favorite Jimmy Palmiotti couldn't reveal the specifics of his project, but expressed his excitement for his upcoming project with "Hawkman" and "Monolith" collaborator Justin Grey.

"Justin and I are looking at a few things that we would love to bring to Narwain, and taking a look at what genres are not being done for the company. Being given the green light to go out and create new characters and stories about anything we want is not something we run into in American publishing, especially with the larger companies mostly doing only superhero books," Palmiotti said. "When we did titles like 'The Resistance', 'Monolith' and even '21 Down', we found a limited audience and the books were not around for long. With Narwain, we could publish these books and get a greater following right away because they publish out of the gate in so many different countries."

Billy Tucci is expected to kick-off his association with Narwain by providing a story for Brian Yuzna's "Horrorama" anthology.

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