Naruto: His 15 Craziest Powers, Ranked

Everybody loves your favorite hyperactive knucklehead ninja: Naruto Uzumaki. The series has been a juggernaut ever since 1999 and everybody fell in love with the hyperactive underdog ninja with an iron will. They empathized with his loneliness but could cheer for his perseverance. Over the years, he’s had to grow more and more powerful through a combination of necessity, dogged training, and a desire to help his newfound friends. His progression from a very poor ninja to Hokage of the Leaf Village the most powerful ninja in the world is an easy tale to root for. However, he never would’ve made it to the heights that he did without his various forms and abilities.

Whether these came about from the powerful Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him or from fierce determination and training, he’s honed his fighting style into a speed/brawler-based style that allows for ultimate creativity while weaving in the few techniques that he’s mastered to their fullest potential. The sheer numbers from his Shadow Clone Jutsu overwhelms his enemy. The explosive power of his Rasenshuriken will virtually disintegrate his enemies. The versatility granted by his Kurama Chakra Mode allows him to adapt to anything. The diversity of Sage Mode’s abilities aids him in battle, and the overwhelming speed and size afforded by his Bijuu mode will prevent his enemies from escaping. These aren’t all of the abilities that he displays in the show. He’s made use of various powers in order to rise above the challenges and save the ninja world from the forces against it. Let’s discuss Naruto's 15 Craziest Powers, Ranked by Strength.


Don’t underestimate the transformation jutsu. This was the first technique that Naruto ever mastered and it’s only fitting that it helped him defeat an opponent as powerful as Kaguya during the climax of the Great Ninja War. The transformation jutsu allows the user to, you guessed it, transform temporarily into something else.

This has so many different uses. He’s used this to trick Kiba to gain an advantage in their battle, gain a positional advantage on Zabuza so he can release Kakashi, and also transform the giant toad Gamabunta into the Nine-Tailed Fox to battle the One-Tailed Shukaku. His most effective use of it, however, has been the Sexy Jutsu and its more powerful variant: the Harem Jutsu. Both of them work how they sound.


The Summoning Jutsu played a role throughout the entirety of Naruto. This jutsu allows you to summon creatures that you have a contract with. These summons are usually animals and come with their own set of abilities.

Naruto had a contract with the toads of Mount Myoboku. Though they don’t sound threatening, the toads have proven to be powerful and capable warriors, in addition to being as tall as buildings. Gamabunta helped Naruto battle the One-Tailed Shukaku to a standstill. Meanwhile, Fukasaka and Shima (aka Ma and Pa) can enter Sage Mode and have proven capable of throwing their own massive toads and casting powerful ninjutsu and genjutsu.


Naruto’s signature technique, the Shadow Clone Jutsu was the technique that Naruto used to defeat his first bad guy. The jutsu allows its user to replicate themselves as many times as their chakra allows. These clones have their own autonomy but will disappear when damaged too much and when they disappear, anything they’ve learned be given back to the user.

Naruto’s chakra allows him to produce an entire army of clones while most struggle to make a few dozen. He’s so skilled with this technique that he uses it in his fighting style without thinking about it. He uses his clones for everything from reconnaissance to helping him form jutsu to helping put his enemies in position to land a crippling blow.


Second to the Shadow Clone Jutsu, the Rasengan is Naruto’s other signature jutsu. The frequency at which he performs this jutsu belies its difficulty. This is a jutsu that only four people in history know of. It’s similar in concept to the extremely powerful Tailed Beast Ball in that it shapes pure chakra into a destructive sphere in the user’s palm.

Naruto has put his creativity to use with this technique numerous times and the fact that it has no inherent chakra nature makes it a very diverse jutsu. You can infuse it with bijuu chakra, senjutsu, and any chakra nature, and further mastery will allow you to increase its size and power greatly such as with the Giant Rasengan and Massive Rasengan.


A step up from the Rasengan, Naruto was able to use this jutsu after he molded in his chakra nature into the Rasengan. Naruto’s chakra affinity is Air, which gives ninjutsu a precise cutting edge. By combining it with his Rasengan, he was able to create the Wind Release: Rasengan.

This jutsu didn’t get much use in the series as it was quickly overshadowed by its more powerful version the Rasenshuriken. However, it goes without saying that it’s stronger than the Rasengan. Naruto has also shown that he can throw it like the Rasenshuriken and, when used in a collaboration jutsu, is able to expand the area of effect of the jutsu its partnered with.


When Naruto invented the Rasenshuriken, he came up with one of the most powerful jutsus in the world at the time. However, it had plenty of drawbacks. It took an insane amount of chakra, an opponent can see it coming from a mile away, and it hurt him to use it. But Naruto is one of the most creative shinobi in the world and he figured more than one way around it.

One way he avoided this problem was by using the chakra arms provided by his Kurama Chakra Mode to create a tiny Rasenshuriken that was capable to cutting through White Zetsu clones without losing any momentum. We didn’t see much of it, but any variant of the Rasenshuriken is extremely powerful.


This technique is the base Rasengan taken to one of its most powerful forms. Naruto used this during the Great Ninja War to completely obliterate the immortal Edo Tensei shinobi the Allied Shinobi Force were battling. He created this technique by forming a Giant Rasengan and then creating three regular Rasengan that orbited it. These different Rasengan all had different rotations and the resulting disordered spin shredded opponents and generated a massive and deadly vortex.

This attack was powerful enough to completely disintegrate Mū, who was immortal due to the effects of Edo Tensei. On top of that, Mū was the former Tsuchikage, who was powerful enough to end the second Mizukage. They were both legendary shinobi who were more powerful than their present-day counterparts.


The Super Mini Tailed Beast Ball was teased for so long but never really got its due. The technique was first teased when Bee was training Naruto and it was hinted that a Tailed Beast Ball was similar to a Rasengan so it may be possible to combine the two. However, the technique was very difficult and Naruto didn’t get it down until deep into his time in the Great Ninja War.

He performs this jutsu by forming a mini Tailed Beast Ball in his hands and using it like a Rasengan. He hasn’t done it many times, but when he did, it was proven to be powerful. However, once he gained the ability to do an actual Tailed Beast Ball, this ability became obsolete.


The ability that allowed him to be the savior of the Leaf Village, Sage Mode became a vital part of Naruto’s arsenal once he learned it. Sage Mode is an advanced mode brought about by gathering Natural Energy, or Senjutsu, and using it to enhance yourself.

When he entered Sage Mode, Naruto was strong enough to lift and throw the Nine Tailed Fox and fast enough to blitz the Asura Path of Pain. He can attack enhance his taijutsu with invisible nature energy, sense chakra automatically, and enhance all of his jutsu with senjutsu, greatly enhancing their power. Sage mode’s access to natural energy proved vital in Naruto’s final battles of the Great Ninja War against Madara, Kaguya, and Sasuke.


This is what results when Naruto takes the Rasengan to its furthest extremes. By further shaping the Wind Release: Rasengan, Naruto is able to transform it into the much more powerful Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

When Wind Release: Rasenshuriken strikes its target, it surrounds them in a massive wind vortex and attacks their body at a cellular level, causing irreversible internal damage as well as an explosion nearly as big as the Kyuubi. The technique is so powerful that it initially damaged Naruto to even use it. However, when he learned Sage Mode, he was able to throw it fast enough to cross a village-sized crater in about a second. This is an extremely powerful and versatile technique.


Without this, it would’ve been virtually impossible for Naruto to survive the Great Ninja War. Naruto was able to achieve this form by internally battling the Nine-Tailed Fox into submission and taking its chakra for his own use.

Kurama Chakra Mode surrounds Naruto with a bright orange cloak that grants him incredible strength, speed, durability, and versatility. The moment he attained this form, he became beyond Kage level. He was fast enough to outspeed the Fourth Raikage who was widely considered to be the fastest shinobi in the world at the time. He was so strong that he stomped through concrete by accident. It also allows him to detect negative emotions and use extendable chakra arms to attack and form his various Rasengan variants.


Once Naruto finally was able to work together with the Nine-Tailed Fox inside of him, he gained even more abilities that he never had access to. One of these abilities was the legendary and devastating Tailed Beast Bomb that every Bijuu has access to.

Since the Kyuubi is the most powerful Bijuu, Naruto’s Tailed Beast Bomb was powerful enough to counter Tailed Beast Bombs from five other Bijuu at the same time. The Tailed Beast Bomb has a similar shape transformation element as the Rasengan, but contains far more power. The Nine-Tailed Fox’s Tailed Beast Bomb has produced mountain-sized explosions and is a Bijuu’s ultimate attack.


When Naruto was able to finally get on one accord with the Nine-Tailed Fox, he gained access to the final form of the Kurama Chakra Mode: Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Mode. This further enhances his physical abilities. Most powerful, however, is his ability to manifest a life-sized avatar of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

This avatar allows the Nine-Tailed Fox and Naruto to truly combine their powers and do battle with massive foes like other tailed beasts or the perfect Susanoo. Naruto used this form to lead the Allied Shinobi Force in an assault on the Ten Tails. And then he and Sasuke battled Obito while he was the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki. This became Naruto’s go-to form in the future, even after gaining access to something more powerful.


Naruto’s ultimate jutsu, the Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and its variants have the power to reshape landscapes and damage beings approaching the strength of the Sage of the Six Paths. Naruto achieved this form after gaining access to Six Paths Sage Mode. This technique is achieved by creating a Tailed Beast Bomb and surrounding that with a massive Rasenshuriken.

The most powerful version of this technique is the Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken. This attack sees Naruto hurl a Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and an Ultra Big-Ball Rasenshuriken, both infused with natural energy. This attack was powerful enough to counter Sasuke’s most powerful attack: the bijuu-enhanced Indra’s Arrow. The force of these two attacks completely destroyed the Valley of the End.


Naruto gained access to this divine form when the Sage of the Six Paths gave him the power to defeat Madara. The Six Paths Sage Mode is a heightened form of Sage mode that skyrockets his physical attributes, allows him to fly, and gives him access to Truth-Seeking Balls, masses of chakra that can change shape and cancel out all ninjutsu.

This mode allowed Naruto to overwhelm Madara who was the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki at the time. It also allowed him, along with the rest of Team 7 to defeat Kaguya, the first person to possess chakra. Kaguya was powerful enough to warp dimensions and possesses several instant power moves. Yet, this mode allowed Naruto to not only survive battle with her, but defeat her.

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