Naruto: 5 Superheroes Naruto Can Defeat (& He Can't)

Naruto Uzumaki is the current Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, making him the most powerful ninja in the village, based both on fighting power and influence.

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To get to this position, Naruto had to go through years of struggling before he became strong enough to actively contribute towards the upliftment of his village. Through intense training and numerous brushes with death, Naruto was able to blossom into one of the strongest shinobi the world has ever seen.


Doctor Strange is one of the smartest men in the Marvel universe. He's, oftentimes, capable of outwitting his opponents, which means he can often defeat a foe before the battle gets out of hand. In direct contrast to this, Naruto Uzumaki is a hard worker and straight up brute force fighter. Of course, even Naruto strategises at times, but he's more prone to spamming numerous, powerful attacks one after the other. Doctor Strange could definitely exploit this tendency on route to a victory.


Steve Rogers is the hope of the American citizens. He is meant to be a physical representation of all the upstanding qualities of America, much in the way All Might stands as the Symbol of Peace in My Hero Academia. Rogers was once a meek and timid man but, after undergoing a super soldier process, he became Captain America. Captain America has a superhuman physique and is a genius-level hand to and hand and weapon combatant. These qualities would ensure that he's not easily defeated but, ultimately, Naruto's Rasenshuriken would prove too much for him to handle.


IRON MAN - Flying with Jet Packs

Tony Stark has long been hailed as one of the genuine genius of the Marvel universe and, with his brainpower, he's managed to consistently produce life-changing inventions for his company. These contributions greatly aided society which, in turn, benefitted Tony, enabling him to make an even stronger Iron Man suit. It's no question that Naruto overpowers Iron Man. Nevertheless, due to Tony's resourceful nature, he could definitely manage to find a plan that would allow him to defeat Naruto, though he might need some prep time.

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Bucky Barnes is war veteran that was captured and turned into a soldier for the evil organization, Hydra. Eventually, with the help of Captain America and Shield Becky, he was able to escape from the clutches of Hydra and he went on to become a great hero. While a war prisoner, Bucky was experimented. This resulted in him gaining several superhuman abilities, in addition to a new mechanic arm, specifically designed for killing. Naruto has dealt with creatures capable of destroying planets which means Bucky Barnes should be the least of his worries.


Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder, having been born the son of the All Father, Odin. Ever since his youth, Thor has shown frightening abilities that the people of Asgard would often praise him insistently for. Thor always shared a strong bond with his father and this enabled Odin to teach his son the way of the warrior, which greatly aided Thor's development. As an Asgardian god, Thor is one of the world's most powerful beings. A battle between this god and a man that can currently be regarded as a god of shinobi would definely be one for the ages, one that Thor slightly edges.


Shazam is a powerful hero that was given supernatural abilities by the great wizard, Shazam. Shazam is typical a regular human but, whenever he shouts the name Shazam, he gains the abilities of several greek gods. With these abilities, the young Billy Batson carved out a name for himself in the hero world. In spite of that, he is not yet at the level where he could compete with a post Naruto Shippuden level Naruto.


Doctor Manhattan was once a nuclear physicist before an experiment went horribly wrong, and his body was forever altered. While conducting an experiment, Jonathan was caught by radoactive particles, which changed the physiology of his body. At first, he was incapable of taking proper shape but, after he managed to take his current form, he quickly realized that he had become a being that greatly surpasses what he previously was. Doctor Manhattan has insane powers such as Nigh Omnipotence, Chronokinesis, immortality, intangibility and reality altering, which means Naruto stands no chance of victory.

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The Batman Who Laughs is Earth 22's version of Bruce Wayne. In this timeline, Bruce is a lieutenant under the commandment of Barbatos and is the leader of the Dark Knights. After being severely tortured by the Joker, Bruce eventually snapped resulting in the birth of this universe's Batman, a crazy and completely unhinged version of the Caped Crusader. Just like other versions of Bruce, The Batman Who Laughs is an intelligent and adaptable fighter, which makes him a threat. However, Naruto's overall destructive capabilities means that, if he really willed it, he could easily defeat this version of the Batman in a one on one fight.



Barbatos is a powerful being that was created by Alpheus, the World Forger, with the expressed purpose of returning decaying worlds to nothingness. Barbatos is a dragon that is often referred to as the Bat God. After consuming many worlds, Barbatos only grew hungrier and eventually consumed his own master. Barbatos was created to destroy worlds and, as such, many of its abilities involved decaying opponents or defeating them with darkness. A battle against Barbatos would be very interesting due to Naruto's kind nature and it might even lead him to lose because, to win against Barbatos, the opponent cannot afford to show mercy, even for second.


The Green Lantern Power Ring is powered by hope, meaning that, the more a user believes in his own abilities, the more powerful they become. Many a Green Lantern has overcome his limits using this unique power of hope as a boost. It is typical for the Lantern Corps to travel through the universe in hopes of saving planets from overly aggressive invaders, and other criminals. This means a Green Lantern must always be ready for battle and, as such, they often train for many years to master their skills. The ability to form numerous, powerful structures is a useful ability, but so its the arsenal of jutsu at Naruto's disposal. Henceforth, in a one on one battle, Naruto would be able to best the Green Lantern.

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