Naruto: The 10 Strongest Clans, Ranked According To Strength

The ninja world in Naruto is filled with combat, jutsu, and clans. Many of the ninja clans are known for specializing in secret techniques to be taught and passed down the family line. Other clans carry a rarer kekkei genkai, such as unique eye techniques, that are inherited only by blood and DNA (or in some cases, transplants).

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Because of these different qualities and traits across clans, ninja with certain family names tend to hold certain positions and responsibilities based on the power of their clan's specialties. Therefore, a clan's name holds a lot of weight in the ninja world and often separates the elite from the weak. Here are the ten strongest clans in Naruto.

10 Akimichi

While the Yamanaka Clan specializes in gathering intelligence and the Nara Clan specializes in tactical strategy, the Akimichi Clan is the main source of strength and offense in the famous Ino-Shika-Cho trio.

The Akimichi Clan are known for their large figures, which conveniently ties into their secret techniques. They can use the calories consumed in their high-calorie diet to supply themselves with more chakra to fuel their massive physical strength. And with or without the use of pills, the Akimichis' ability to alter their body weight and size provides them with an extra edge over their opponent in physical strength.

9 Granny Chiyo & Sasori

Although their actual clan name is unknown, Granny Chiyo and Sasori come from the same family in Sunagakure and are two of the best ninja who specialize in puppets. Because Sasori's parents were killed by Kakashi's father when he was young, he was raised by his grandmother, Chiyo, who also taught him puppet techniques as a coping mechanism.

Not only did Sasori grow up to become a highly skilled and dangerous puppet master who killed the Third Kazekage but his grandmother was also an excellent medic ninja and puppeteer who was strong enough to take him on with the assistance of Sakura.

8 Sarutobi

The Sarutobi Clan has well-established traditions and history in Konohagakure. They have a strong sense of virtue and are responsible for maintaining an unbreakable bond between the clans of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio. From generation to generation, the Sarutobis continue to prosper and fight to protect their village.

The Third Hokage, also known as Hiruzen Sarutobi, possessed both a kind heart and extraordinary ninja skills such as summoning the Shinigami with the sacred Dead Demon Consuming Seal. Even after his death, the Sarutobi Clan lives on with other elite ninja and future prospects in Asuma (until his own death a few years after), Konohamaru, and Mirai.

7 Hatake

Team Seven's leader, Kakashi, and his father, Sakumo, are the only two known members of the Hatake Clan. However, those two ninja alone are enough to make their clan one of the strongest.

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As one of the most prevalent characters throughout the entire Naruto series, Kakashi has proven time after time why he was worthy of becoming the Sixth Hokage. He took advantage of the Sharingan eye gifted from his friend, Obito, and was able to copy and learn countless jutsu from his opponents. Like his son, Sakumo was also a gifted shinobi known as the "White Fang" due to the White Light Chakra Sabre he used for battle.

6 Hyuga

The Hyuga Clan are most prominently known for their unique pupil-less eyes, the Byakugan. The Byakugan is not only a kekkei genkai but also one of the strongest eyes out there along with the Rinnegan and Sharingan.

Due to their Byakugan and connection to the Otsutsuki Clan, the Hyuga Clan is one of power, nobility, and secrets. Their most well-known technique is the Gentle Fist style of taijutsu, which utilizes their Byakugan to see and strike their opponent's chakra points to hinder their access to chakra. They also have more sacred techniques such as the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms that is usually only passed down through the main house, though the genius Neji was able to master it on his own.

5 Kazekage

The Kazekage Clan consists of the Sand Siblings, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro, and their parents. Though their official family name is not known, "Kazekage" signifies the leadership position held by both Gaara and his father, Rasa, in Sunagakure.

Rasa, the Fourth Kazekage, was known for using gold dust with his magnet style kekkei genkai, as well as going toe-to-toe with the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku. Gaara, the youngest kage ever, is not only the jinchuriki of Shukaku but also very skilled with his superb sand manipulation. Temari excels in wind jutsu with her iconic giant fan, while Kakuro wields a variety of puppets with chakra threads.

4 Uzumaki

Once a feared clan of Uzushiogakure for their immense chakra power, the Uzumaki were forced into disbandment after the destruction of their village. Scattered across the ninja world, the survivors of the Uzumaki grew up in different environments under different circumstances.

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Naruto's mother, Kushina, moved to Konohagakure and was the designated jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails prior to Naruto's birth due to her special Uzumaki chakra. Because both of Naruto's parents were killed when the Nine-Tails attacked the village, he was forced to grow up alone as an orphan but still had enough strength and perseverance to eventually become Hokage. Other notable members of the Uzumaki Clan are Nagato, who nearly destroyed all of Konohagakure with his Rinnegan and Six Paths of Pain, and Karin, who aided rogue Sasuke with her huge chakra reserves.

3 Uchiha

The Uchiha Clan is known for their distinct red eyes, the Sharingan and its stronger Mangekyo form. The Sharingan enhances the visual perception of the user, as well as allow them to copy their opponent's jutsu. That gives them the upper hand in both defense and offense. Beyond the Sharingan, the Mangekyo Sharingan grants the user even more power such as Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi.

Of the Uchiha Clan, its most prominent members are Madara, Itachi, and Sasuke. Madara nearly conquered the entire shinobi world with his Double Rinnegan and Infinite Tsukuyomi, Itachi murdered the majority of the Uchiha Clan with his Mangekyo, and Sasuke earned himself a Rinnegan from the Sage of Six Paths to take down the destructive Kaguya OTsutsuki by teaming up with Naruto.

2 Senju

The Senju Clan, along with the Uchiha Clan, was one of the founding clans of Konohagakure. The head of the clan, Hashirama, would later become the First Hokage, and his brother would be the Second. Many years later, Hashirama's granddaughter, Tsunade, would revive the tradition and become the Fifth Hokage.

Beyond the prestigious Hokage leadership role, Hashirama was one of the strongest shinobi to ever live. He was so strong that he was always one step ahead of Madara, and his cells were highly sought after by the likes of Orochimaru. Tobirama was also a genius who created the most sacred techniques like the Impure World Reincarnation and Shadow Clone Jutsu.

1 Otsutsuki

The existence of chakra and ninjutsu started with the Otsutsuki Clan. Kaguya Otsutsuki came to Earth with the intention of harvesting chakra. She alone was able to stop wars and put the people of Earth in the Infinite Tsukuyomi with her Rinne Sharingan.

Kaguya's sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, were the ones who realized their mother had a twisted sense of justice and used their combined power to seal her away. The Otsutsukis are also the ancestors of the Senju, Uchiha, and Uzumaki clans, as well as the ones who were responsible for creating the mighty tailed beasts.

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