Naruto: The 10 Worst Things Sakura Ever Did, Ranked

Sakura, the pink-haired kunoichi from Naruto, is one of those characters you either love or hate. From the beginning of the series, she had exhibited plenty of flaws as both a ninja and a human being.

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For example, Sakura was often seen as the weak link of her team, her severe pettiness interfered with her relationships with her ninja peers, and she allowed her love for Sasuke to dictate her life. Though Sakura eventually lost many of those flaws as her character developed, that did not stop her from doing some pretty messed up things in her ninja career. Here are the ten worst things Sakura has ever done.

10 She Married Sasuke

This is a slightly controversial topic due to how popular of a ship "SasuSaku" is. However, that does not take away the fact that certain aspects of their relationship are toxic and problematic.

The problem started with Sakura's shallow infatuation with Sasuke, liking him only for his edgy and cool appearance. Her entire life and goals were centered around one thing: Sasuke. Even though Sakura's love became deeper after getting to know Sasuke, he continued to push her away with insults and serious attempts to kill her. Still, Sakura was always too blinded by love to give him up.

9 She Never Learned Her Own Signature Attack

For the most part, every ninja has their own signature attack that was inherited either from their clan or a mentor. For example, Naruto has Rasengan, Sasuke has Chidori, Shikamaru has his Shadow Possession Jutsu, and Sakura has nothing.

Although Sakura came from a clan with no specialty Jutsu, she still had the potential with her superb intelligence to learn or even create her own signature attack. Instead, she mostly learned generic healing as well as buffing techniques like the Reserve Seal from Tsunade. While Sakura became a lot stronger and more useful with those supportive techniques, it's disappointing that she has yet to find her own signature attacking move.

8 She Hated The Boys Who Cared For Her The Most

While Sakura was infatuated with Sasuke, two other boys were trying desperately to win her over. Unfortunately for Naruto and Rock Lee, they left terrible first impressions on Sakura, who insulted them the way Sasuke insulted her.

Sakura only saw Naruto as a nuisance until he proved he was a worthy and respectable ninja. In Rock Lee's case, Sakura was disgusted by his bowl cut and bushy eyebrows, never caring to get to know him until after he protected her in the Forest of Death. Both Naruto and Rock Lee genuinely cared for and protected Sakura, and yet she brushed them aside for someone who was willing to kill her. Now, Sakura was under no obligation to reciprocate Naruto and Rock Lee's feelings, but treating them with a bit of respect would have been nice.

7 She Ended Her Friendship With Ino Because Of A Boy

It's one of the most important rules of friendship to never let a crush or romantic relationship get in the way of two friends. Of course, Sakura broke this rule and allowed her love for Sasuke to ruin her friendship with Ino.

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This is exceptionally sad and unfortunate because Ino was the one person who stood up for Sakura when she was being bullied as a young child. Even after Sakura announced her crush on Sasuke to Ino and their friends, Ino withheld her own feelings for the boy in order to preserve their friendship. Once Sakura found out that they both liked the same boy, she was the one who severed their childhood bond.

6 She Misled Her Daughter Into Thinking She Wasn't Her Real Mother

In the Naruto spin-off Boruto, Sakura and Sasuke are married and have a daughter named Sarada. Due to Sasuke's dark past and absence from home, Sarada began to question the legitimacy of her parents, to the point where she wholeheartedly believed Sakura was not her real mother.

This was partially Sakura's fault for not being more honest with her daughter about Sasuke's past. Out of frustration, Sarada decided to figure out the truth on her own by tracking down her father and taking an inaccurate DNA test which made it seem like Karin was her actual mother. Though Sarada eventually learns the real truth when Sasuke and Sakura are reunited in a battle against Shin Uchiha, this all could've been avoided if Sakura had been more honest.

5 She Did Nothing In The Entire Battle Against Zabuza & Haku

Near the beginning of the series, Sakura struggles to keep up with her other teammates, Naruto and Sasuke. This was not entirely her fault, as she was not blessed with a natural knack for combat.

Sakura's weakness was very apparent in Team Seven's mission to protect Tazuna from Zabuza and Haku. While it ended up being a much more dangerous and difficult mission than anticipated, Naruto and Sasuke stepped up their game and fought off the assassins alongside Kakashi; meanwhile, Sakura could only watch while "guarding" Tazuna.

4 She Didn't Destroy Obito's Rinnegan When She Had The Chance

In the Fourth Shinobi War, Sakura and Obito were enemies. However, after Obito was defeated by Naruto and his allies, he had a change of heart.

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When he realized he was merely a pawn in Madara and Zetsu's plan, Obito wanted to atone for his sins by helping out the Allied Shinobi Forces. He ultimately saved Naruto's life by resealing the Nine-Tails' chakra back inside his body and earned Sakura's gratitude. However, when Obito asked her to destroy his Rinnegan before Madara could snatch it, Sakura hesitated and failed to do so. Because of this, Madara was able to case the Infinite Tsukuyomi with his two Rinnegan.

3 Tried To Attack Sasuke, But Could Never Commit

After Sasuke fled Konohagakure and made himself out to be an enemy of the village, Sakura eventually tried to let go of her feelings for him. She tried to convince herself that she needed to fight Sasuke in order to stop him and protect the village.

However, every time Sakura encountered Sasuke, she never stood a chance. On multiple occasions, she was either too weak to fight him or too hesitant to deal a fatal blow. In those moments where she failed to commit, Sakura left herself vulnerable to the point where Sasuke nearly killed her.

2 She Told Naruto She Loved Him

Naruto once made a promise to Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back to the village, and Sakura had held him to that promise until the situation became more complex and serious. In an attempt to stop Naruto from pursuing Sasuke, Sakura confessed her "feelings" for him.

Sakura had good intentions, and she knew it was a messed-up thing to do, but she genuinely felt like she had to do it in order to protect Naruto. She foolishly and wrongly thought that Naruto's crush on her would be enough to overshadow his unbreakable bond with Sasuke.

1 She Always Ended Up Getting Saved By Someone Else

At the beginning of the series when Sakura was just a budding ninja, it was expected that she wouldn't always be able to protect herself from stronger enemies. However, once she trained under Tsunade, she shouldn't have needed as much saving as she still received from her teammates.

Although she held her own in her iconic battle against Sasori, Sakura needed to be saved by both Kakashi and Naruto from multiple fatal strikes from her future husband, Sasuke. Even in their last battle against Madara, Sakura required saving from Naruto and Sasuke after carelessly getting stabbed. It's unfortunate that even after all her hard work leading up to the Fourth Shinobi War, she still had to be saved.

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