Naruto: 10 Amazing Sakura Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime

Naruto is one of the first things that comes to mind when anyone mentions anime or manga in a vague sense. The series is wildly popular across the globe, which means that cosplayers far and wide have gathered their silkiest wigs and crafted the most accurate outfits possible to look like their favorite characters.

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As part of Team 7, Sakura Haruno became a fan favorite thanks to her character development and her interactions with the rest of the cast—particularly Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. So, here are 10 amazing Sakura cosplays that look exactly like the character in the anime.

10 KleinerPixel

Not only is cosplayer KleinerPixel a convincing Sakura, but she also provided a YouTube tutorial that details everything you need to recreate the look. The caption on the video lists all of the makeup products she utilized, a link for the hair, and a link to purchase the costume itself.

This cosplay differs from many because it involves the Byakugou Seal. It took Sakura three years of storing chakra to form the seal, a feat that requires a massive amount of chakra control to achieve. While building up chakra is a potentially draining process, Sakura discovered a way to divert smaller portions into her normal reserves.

9 Alexy_Sky_

Cosplayer and makeup artist Alexy_Sky_ has recreated several of Sakura's looks and all of them are impressively accurate. However, she has noted that this one, in particular, is her favorite version. The facial expressions and the poses are precise, but the details of the makeup and the costume are just as admirable.

The headband, the wig, and the gloves all look like they came straight from the anime itself. The striking eyes give the cosplay an uncanny resemblance to the animated Sakura. You can practically feel how comfortable the top is given its silky appearance, which makes the cosplay even more appealing.

8 Heavencatreally

German graphic designer Cat has cosplayed characters from Death Note, Final Fantasy, and My Hero Academia, but her Sakura rendition is still one of her best. A few of her Instagram captions reveal that she dislikes the wig featured in the photos, yet it looks suitable when paired with her accurate costume.

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Outfit and makeup aside, Cat also tends to edit her photos for intensity. The backgrounds and vignettes add to the aesthetic and make the cosplay pop. Plus, her love for Naruto clearly runs deep—she has assembled costumes for other characters from the series, including Sasuke and Deidara.

7 Starbuxx

Megan, a Florida-based cosplayer, only recently pulled her Sakura outfit together, but she's already rocking it like a pro. This photo set stands out thanks to the background editing that gives the post an authentic Naruto vibe.

Her overall look is the culmination of two brilliant purchases. Megan acquired her outfit from PockyThief, a fellow cosplayer who occasionally sells costumes. The hair was provided by cosplaybuzz, which sells a pin-straight Sakura wig. It requires some styling and perhaps a slight trim, but it certainly gets the job done. Megan is proof of this—she gave her wig some volume and added the headband for good measure.

6 Elena.Kyalviyainen

Elena, a Finnish cosplayer from Russia, constructed a simple but effective Sakura look with dramatic eyes and a suitable wig. As if that wasn't satisfying enough, she also did a professional photoshoot with a Sasuke Uchiha cosplayer. The duo looks great and the flowery background provides the picture with a burst of color that complements Sakura's bright pink and red appearance.

Though Elena has an endless stream of creative edits on her Instagram feed, her Naruto-based photos are some of the most exciting and captivating. The best ones typically involve other cosplayers, which is no surprise; a solid costumed ensemble will always make for an awesome photo opportunity.

5 _Hikari.Tsuki_

Hikari is an Italian cosplayer who finds great joy in the hobby and loves impersonating different characters. After all, cosplaying is another form of acting. Hikari is wholly aware of how impeccable her Sakura rendition is so she posted this fitting side-by-side comparison on her Instagram.

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The artwork and edit were done by T0shi_sart and the resemblance between the illustration and the cosplay is uncanny. The wig is styled perfectly and the red top looks just like the one in the anime. When paired with the beautiful makeup, the headband and the Strength of a Hundred Seal complete the television-ready look.

4 Uksauksa

Russian cosplayer Uksauksa may prefer Naruto Uzumaki as a character, but that doesn't make her Sakura portrayal any less stunning. While she has yet to post a full photo of the cosplay, her close-up selfie is convincing enough to deserve a spot on this list.

The pink hair is groomed as perfectly as the matching eyebrows. Her natural eye shape lends itself for a cosplay like this, though the colored contact lenses enhance the look. The most unique aspect involves the accessory on her forehead—instead of the standard purple Strength of a Hundred Seal, Uksauksa opted for a jewel-like replacement.

3 Lotheriel

Garvin's Sakura cosplay is accurate and well-executed, but the extra volume on the wig is a welcome change. The pink waves give the overarching look a more natural and realistic vibe. However, it's the camaraderie between the friends in the photo that really draws out the Naruto aesthetic.

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With fellow cosplayer Charlie lending a hand in the form of an Ino Yamanaka outfit, the duo looks ready to join the rest of the ninjas on screen. Ino was a crucial presence in Sakura's life, helping her overcome several insecurities and grow as a person, which makes this cosplay pair even more meaningful.

2 Arisha88_

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Не люблю делать подписи к фото на самом деле, но тут мне хочется поделиться. Я просто обожаю подобные фестивали, а ещё больше люблю к к ним готовиться. Почему на #geekpicnic я выбрала именно этот образ. Во-первых, выросла на Наруто😅 а Сакура, как персонаж, очень близка мне по характеру. Ну а во-вторых, данный фестиваль проводится в сентябре, когда в Солнечном Краснодаре просто адское пекло😅 и большой + я всё-таки шла туда работать😂 и поэтому костюм должен был быть легким. А вообще сбылась моя детская мечта😻 Ну теперь я настроена серьёзно и уже продумала мой следующий образ, а он будет очень сложный🙂особенно для такой неопытной булочки как я🙂 . . . . . . . . . #naruto #cosplay #cosplay2019 #narutocosplay #narutouzumaki #sakuracosplay #sakuraharuno #Наруто #нарутоузумаки #коноха #saske #учиха #geekpicnic_krd #geekpicnic2019 #сакура #сакуракосплей #boruto #borutocosplay

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This Russian Naruto fan, known as Arisha88_ on Instagram, considers herself a "beginner cosplayer", but her Sakura cosplay is far from amateur. Though she might be new at this, she has already discovered the importance of settings for cosplay photoshoots.

Sure, her wig, headband, and outfit are faithful to those of the anime/manga character, but ambiance and personality are just as important for bringing Sakura to life. Some intermediate cosplayers still need help in that regard, so the fact that Arisha88_ already has it down pat is impressive. On top of that, she's also a talented artist and we love to watch creative people shine in their own ways.

1 Linalia7

Another Russian cosplayer making the list is Alina Lodunova. She's quite an experienced artist with a backlog of extraordinary outfits under her belt. Her Sakura portrayal is just as uncanny as some of the other cosplay on her feed. Naturally, adding a Sasuke fan into the mix only enhances this cosplay.

The two seem as if they're seconds away from facing a daunting villain and failure isn't an option. That kind of demeanor doesn't come easily for everyone, no matter how extravagant their costumes might be. However, this Sasuke and Sakura duo knows how to work the camera and their ninja gear.

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