Naruto: 10 Hilarious Might Guy Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Naruto was a series full of fun and unique characters... some more than others. So it only makes sense that some characters stuck better in our memories than others. Some of them we remember fondly, while others we use to cheer ourselves up.

You probably know which category Might Guy tends to fall into. The quirky shinobi can always be counted on for a laugh – but it's also nice to know that he'll be there when times are at their worst. He's proof that a character can be both comical and intense, something that seems rather counter-intuitive.

With that in mind, we give you our top ten favorite Might Guy memes. These are specifically for all the Guy fans out there.

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10 Forgetting the Homework

Guy is a pretty decent person and shinobi when you think about it. And while he's a... unique instructor, on the whole he was pretty good for his students. That being said, we have no doubt that Guy was the type of instructor that totally forgot to hand out homework. On a regular basis.That is probably why this meme is so funny. That and Guy's upbeat expression is always perfect for a cheerful moment (even something as small as not having to worry about homework for the night).

9 Impostors

Um...who would have ever thought that there would be Guy impostors. Well, outside of Lee, that is. But he's more an exception to the rule, right? Speaking of, who would have expected to see a poor doppelganger of Lee, for that matter?

While Guy and Lee are awesome characters... you have to admit that they're not quite up to the typical anime standards for what makes attractive characters. That was clearly done intentionally. But it does leave us baffled when worse versions of these characters make an appearance.

8 Insane Teachers

As mentioned above, Guy is a great teacher for his students (but especially Lee). But that doesn't change the fact that he's also a wacky teacher. And we have no doubt that his teaching methods were not exactly orthodox. Though they surely worked for Lee.

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Guy is totally not above making insane or impossible demands. In part, because he believes in challenging his students. But we also believe that the other part is because he doesn't always know where the limit or line is. It sort of fits his character, doesn't it?


Might Guy...a talented shinobi, but also one who loves the flare for the dramatic. If any character would ever accidentally pose for the YMCA song, it's Guy. And if any character were to intentionally pose for the YMCA song...it's Guy.

We love this meme because it fits Guy and his tendency to pose. We also love it because we know that if the YMCA song somehow made it into his world, it'd be his jam. He'd listen to it all day, every day. And he'd torment his fellow shinobi and students with the song as well. Because he's Guy, and that's what he does.

6 Perfect Guys...

Do perfect Guys exist? Maybe. Maybe not. But this meme seems to think that Might Guy fits the bill. And to be fair, he is the most Guy Guy ever, being that he's Guy and all. And he is all sorts of extra. So yeah, we're willing to humor this meme here.

Though there is an extra layer of humor in this meme, given that he and his protege aren't exactly known among fans for their good looks. Their personalities yes, but their looks? Not so much.

5 Rock, Paper, Scissors

If anybody was ever stubborn enough to try and win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against somebody with the Sharingan, it's Guy. We're not saying this would actually happen – Kakashi would never agree to this – but we are saying that Guy would try, given the chance. He'd try, and try, and try again. Until the other person stopped finding it funny and walked away.

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Guy's one-sided competition with Kakashi is both iconic and hilarious. And we call it one-sided because it's not a competition Kakashi will usually agree to – it just happens. This actually sums up Guy perfectly, when you think about it.

4 Spontaneous Combustion

Guy may be a quirky and slightly odd character, but he makes up for any of his faults by sheer force of will. He's one of the most passionate shinobi in the series, which is saying something. Frequently his determination is portrayed as a fiery light behind him... which sometimes makes it look like he's about to bet set ablaze.

And honestly? If any character was to passionately burst into flames, it'd be Guy. There's no way it'd be anybody but him. And if somebody else managed to do so, we have no doubt he'd challenge them to a competition.

3 Tree Can't Jump

The love/hate relationship between Guy and Kakashi is adorable. On that, most fans can agree. They seem to have a healthy amount of friendly banter and competition, while also pretending to not always like each other. That's just how some friendships work, right?

Though it's obvious that Guy is a bit more invested in the competition side of the relationship, while Kakashi brings all the sass. It works well. Here we see a scene that would have fit perfectly with the series. If only it had actually happened.

2 Working Hard

Guy (and his protege Lee) is a character frequently overlooked by the series and the fans. But the truth of the matter is that Guy fought tooth and nail for everything he has. He had to earn his abilities through hard work and training. And it shows.

We know that this meme may not be exactly funny, but it does sum up Guy better than almost anything else. And it gives him the respect he deserves. Plus, who doesn't love seeing the scenes where he goes absolutely bonkers with his abilities?

1 First Impressions

Ah... Guy. He's a unique man and shinobi, of that there is no doubt. He does have a way of leaving a lasting impression. Just perhaps not the impression he'd prefer to leave. Guy's unique personality has branded an opinion in the minds of all that work with him, but sometimes we wonder how he'd feel if he knew what that impression truly was.

Realistically, it wouldn't slow him down one bit. Guy is just too motivated to let the opinion of others slow him down. We already knew that. Perhaps that is why this meme is so funny – it's accurate but not as harsh as it might otherwise be.

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