10 Hilarious Naruto Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

If we’re talking epic anime, Naruto is a sure shot candidate for the G.O.A.T. with its lovable characters, trippy, yet simple storyline, and the comprehensive Jutsu system used in the Ninja society. The current Internet era's trend of meme-ing hasn’t missed the wave either, which means there are tons of punny pictures floating around stamped with the Naruto universe’s major players.

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Between Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, there are already plenty of moments of hilarity but, there’s always something special about fan creativity, isn't there? Here’s a list of Naruto franchise memes that only true fans will understand.

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10 The Wisdom Of Naruto

Anyone who’s a fan of Naruto isn’t a fan because of his displays of intellect. He does seem to have a knack for connecting with people and inspiring everyone around him to bring their A-game — after all, perseverance is a key theme of his entire story — but let’s be real: Naruto was never the go-to tactician for the Leaf squad. This meme could be taking a jab at a subtitle glitch, however funny and absolutely correct the meme is. The only thing left to consider is whether Naruto or the outlined meme-man should be dubbed ‘Captain Obvious’.

9 The Scholarly Ninja Path

This meme is a perfect example of the beauty of true fanaticism. Any knowledgable fan would agree that from top to bottom, this is the dream team faculty who will have you amped about success.

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One might even say that the real-life educational systems should take a page from the manga books as well, considering the progress that a person can make with goals like the creation of brand new Jutsu, becoming Hokage, or impacting the entire Ninja world as motivation.

8 Come On, Sakura

Sakura has to be the most loyal fangirl who ever existed. It didn’t matter how many times Naruto saved or comforted her, or if someone else showed interest — nobody compared to her childhood crush in the slightest.

As expected, the meme-ers addressed Sakura’s struggle — and did so with about as much compassion as playfulness. Although the words in the meme itself are not Sakura’s exactly, we all know the deal... and we’re just as concerned as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the clip.

7 Itachi's Pain

A halfway fan might see Itachi’s tears and feel absolutely no pity for him. But the real ones — those fans who know enough to see through Itachi’s big brother routine — they understand.

The Uchiha Clan’s demise was little more than tragic, and this sorrowful Internet meme acknowledges the pain Itachi felt behind those deathly eyes. It’s also a sad thought that his little brother Sasuke had to harden his heart rather than cry every time his school needed a parent’s approval — and why the two brothers both went on semi-permanent field trips of their own.

6 Just Say No!

It’s only right to exploit one of Kakashi Sensei’s lessons to add some comedy, especially if the jokes are this clever. Making light of the traitorous Orochimaru’s weirdo experiments, this meme can be a rule to be mindful of for the youth whether they’re ninjas in training, or just walking out in the streets. Stranger danger is real, even — and in the sights of Orochimaru, especially — if your ninja powers are top-notch.

5 Who Likes Fillers?

One might say that the true fans know every piece of the Naruto story from top to bottom — sidequests and all. The filler stories allowed viewers to get a bit more info on supporting characters, as well as to understand the main characters better through the plethora of social problems that Naruto and his friends face and overcome. This highly sarcastic meme points out a very serious issue though: just how far are true fans willing to go to get the scoop on their favorite anime heroes? The answer: just short of insanity, please!

4 Orochimaru Doesn't!

The way Orochimaru deals with life and resurrection is something only the true fan can grasp. It wasn’t mystical like the Dragon Balls from DBZ, or even so complicated as Fullmetal Alchemist’s human transmutation.

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No, the scientific ninja made his waves echo across generations similar to how the animals in nature do; shedding skin to produce a fresh, new body (Orochi = snake), and also living through disaster as his name suggests. Thus is the magic of ‘O-roach-imaru!’

3 The Love Of His Life

No matter how deeply fans may have fallen in love with the other characters, it’s well understood that Naruto wins the popularity contest — whether you believe it or not! This meme aims to point out who the star of the show shines his love on the most. Of course, it can be agreed that Teuchi the Ramen Guy is Naruto’s most beloved. The beautiful part, though, is how solid Hinata’s feelings are; she doesn’t pay Sakura or Sasuke any mind, and Naruto still can eat all the ramen he likes. That’s what you call wifey material!

2 Just One Look At You

Saitama is one tough character. He apathetically destroys foe after foe with little more than one punch. Anyone daring enough to take his Serious Punch doesn’t ever live to tell about it as long as they were the target. Who could compare to that, you ask? This meme answers it plainly: Itachi Uchiha.

Just one look into Itachi’s eyes and he could have you totally subject to his will. The frightening part about him is there’s no way of knowing he’s got you in his genjutsu until it’s already too late. Even more insidious is that it could be anybody — not just enemies — getting locked into a dream of Itachi’s making with his Tsukuyomi.

1 Changes

Puberty for a ninja already must seem like an abnormal experience. Most of the leaf children pursuing life as a Shinobi become genin (apprentices) by the age of 12, but Sasuke’s experience was a very twisted alteration as pictured in this final meme.

It is probable that Orochimaru took puberty into account with his experimentations, and created a whole new level of hormonal imbalances to be aware of. There aren’t many transformations more creepy than Sasuke’s wings though... hands down!

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