Naruto: 30 Of The Most Powerful Jutsu, Ranked

There’s a reason that Naruto became the cultural phenomenon that it is. When it first started, it was a relatively small-scale project; now, it’s nearly as big as the most widespread anime in history: Dragon Ball Z. Naruto is known for its focus on character moments and its ability to drive home thematic elements through symbolism. However, on a surface level, people initially fell in love with the show because of cool characters and awesome jutsu. Seeing ninjas employ techniques that allowed them to breathe fire or summon a massive water dragon was an incredible sight, and the jutsu only got more intense as time went on. By the end of the series, there were jutsu that could manipulate space-time and eliminate foes in one strike.

Ranking these jutsu is an incredibly tough task due to the sheer number of them, and there’s a jutsu for virtually everything in Naruto. As the series goes on, more powerful people with more powerful jutsu and skillsets are introduced and we see some awe-inspiring feats of power. By the end of the series, Naruto and Sasuke have become the most powerful ninjas in the world and can perform jutsu that are able to shatter mountains and devastate meteors. Consequently, their opponents had to be just as ridiculous. With all of these jutsu in the world of Naruto, which one is the strongest? As we look over these, only the base jutsu will be listed, and variants will factor into the jutsu’s final ranking rather than having its own slot. With that being said, let’s have a bit of fun by ranking 30 Of The Most Powerful Jutsu in Naruto.


This was one of the coolest looking jutsu early on in the series. Kakashi taught Sasuke how to do Chidori before the Chuunin exams and it’s been a key part of his arsenal ever since. Chidori is a lightning jutsu that calls for the user to coat their hands in lightning chakra and thrust it into their opponent, usually to fatal results.

Though Chidori is a powerful jutsu with incredible piercing capabilities, it lacks range. However, Sasuke was able to counteract this by shaping the chakra in various ways, creating his Chidori variants: Chidori Senbon and Chidori Sharp Spear. But, even the base Chidori has shown time and time again that it can match the Rasengan.


Another kekkei genkai from the Stone village, Explosion Release is an especially dangerous technique for the exact reason that the name implies. Explosion Release is made of a combination of Earth and Lightning chakra and allows the user to give their chakra an explosive quality.

The most popular practitioner of Explosion Release is Deidara, who moulds the chakra into his clay, which animates it and allows him to detonate it on command. Gari, on the other hand, is able to channel his explosions through his fist; he can even make people explode by touching them. Explosion Release allows for some dangerous and hard-to-avoid techniques.


It was with this technique, that Ay became the fastest ninja in the world after Minato’s passing. The Lightning Release Cloak works by coating the user’s body in lightning chakra, greatly amping their strength, reaction, durability, and speed.

The lightning chakra used by this cloak stimulates the user’s nervous system, which directly results in an extraordinary boost to speed and reaction time. The cloak is also durable enough to deflect most attacks and Sasuke’s Chidori was only just barely able to pierce the cloak. The lightning chakra also enhances the user’s taijutsu, combining to create a powerful variant known as nintaijutsu. The Lightning Release Cloak allowed Ay to thrash Sasuke with a newly awakened Mangekyo Sharingan and keep up with Madara Uchiha alongside the Five Kage.


This kekkei genkai is far more powerful than it sounds. Dust Release is made from a combination of earth, wind, and fire natures. Dust style is a kekkei genkai from the Stone Village made popular by the Second and Third Tsuchikages.

Dust Release takes the form of a three-dimensional construct of chakra that expands tremendously fast when the user unleashes the jutsu. Those struck by any jutsu of this kind will be disintegrated on a molecular level. This technique has enormous catastrophic potential, with the only thing holding this jutsu back is the prep time needed to cast it and how necessary the hands are in casting this jutsu.


Minato’s signature technique, the Flying Thunder God jutsu, is an incredibly diverse space-time ninjutsu that grants the user the ability of teleportation. Knowledge of this technique gave Minato the speed to be considered the fastest ninja in the world in his prime, giving him the nickname: The Yellow Flash.

The Flying Thunder God jutsu allows the user to instantly teleport to anywhere that he or she has placed their specific “technique formula.” Minato even developed a technique where he creates a barrier that teleports anything that hits it. Clever application of this technique allows the user to outmaneuver virtually anybody.


As Itachi’s ultimate technique, Tsukuyomi is his Mangekyo Sharingan ability and the most powerful genjutsu, save for Izanami and Infinite Tsukuyomi. This genjutsu also affects the user’s perception of time, allowing Itachi to attack those caught in it for what feels like days rather than the few seconds they’re actually caught in the genjutsu.

This justu is so powerful that only Tsunade can heal the intense psychological damage caused by being caught in Tsukuyomi. All it takes to get caught in it is the briefest moment of eye contact and it is the technique that had ninjas quaking at the mere thought of Itachi.


Another Uchiha hidden jutsu, Izanami is touted as the counter to Izanagi. Where Izanagi rewrites destiny, Izanami controls it in a limited space. However, there are various conditions needed to execute Izanami and you can escape from the genjutsu by simply “accepting your fate.”

In order to perform Izanami, the user must make physical contact with their opponent and then replicate that same sensation once more. Once this happens and the jutsu is cast, the target will be stuck in a genjutsu that simulates a time loop with those two sensations serving as the beginning and end point. This is an extremely powerful technique; even Kabuto couldn’t escape it initially. However, the “accepting your fate” loophole really weakens this jutsu.


One of the most powerful sealing jutsus in existence, the Reaper Death Seal seems to be a favorite among the Hokage, with both the Third and Fourth using this jutsu in desperate situations.

The Reaper Death Seal summons a Shinigami to take the soul of your opponent and seal it away forever (or at least until somebody opens its stomach). Using this technique is fatal, as the user’s life as the Shinigami will consume the user’s soul once the jutsu is released. Physical strength is needed to draw the target’s soul in, though, so if the caster is too weak, then the jutsu will be unsuccessful. However, the caster can also seal only a portion of their target’s soul like Hiruzen did to Orochimaru’s arms.


This jutsu may have the potential to be higher, however, it hasn’t been explored in as much depth as it should. Sasuke has only used it twice, and even then, Itachi countered it and Naruto tanked it. But on top of being extremely powerful, it’s also really cool looking.

Sasuke needs natural lightning to perform this technique, which he can create by using a powerful fire jutsu to create the conditions needed for a storm cloud. Once this cloud is overhead, Sasuke makes use of the natural lightning, supplements it with his own chakra, and then draws down a massive lightning dragon that strikes the opponent in 1/1000 of a second. This jutsu was powerful enough to smash a mountain.

21 Amaterasu 

This is one of the coolest looking jutsu in the entire series. Amaterasu takes the form of black flames that are cast wherever the user focuses. These flames cannot be extinguished as they’re as hot as the sun, and they will burn for seven days and nights. Amaterasu was one of Itachi’s signature jutsu that Sasuke obtained and perfected after he got Itachi’s eye.

Sasuke has perfected Amaterasu to the point that he can apply shape transformation to it, which created his patented Blaze Release. With Blaze Release, he can shape his Amaterasu flames into a number of different variants like a shield around his Susanoo, spikes that emanate from his body, and weapons that he can wield without getting burned.


Another Rinnegan ability, Shinra Tensei grants the user a force that’s proven to be extremely diverse and destructive. This jutsu typically takes the form of an invisible sphere of force that drives outwards from the user.

Shinra Tensei was made popular by Nagato and, more specifically, the Deva Path of Six Paths of Pain. When Pain assaulted the Hidden Leaf village, he used a massive version of this technique to eliminate the entirety of the Hidden Leaf village and leave behind nothing but a crater and rubble. Also during his subsequent fight with Naruto, he used Shinra Tensei to deflect multiple Rasenshuriken, which are powerful enough to harm Kurama.


This was a technique created by Tsunade to be her ultimate technique. When Sakura used this technique, it instantly vaulted her to Kage-level and allowed her to actually be of assistance when Team 7 battled Madara and Kaguya.

In order to use this technique, the user must have impeccable chakra control, having stored chakra in a single point for years. In desperate times, the user releases all of this chakra at once, stimulating his or her body’s mitotic process and causing their cells to divide exponentially faster. This allows them to heal any and all damage virtually instantly. Mitotic Regeneration: One Hundred Healings, is a variant of this jutsu, which applies this healing constantly without the need for hand signs


This jutsu does exactly what it says it’ll do in the name. All-Killing Ash Bones is one of Kaguya’s techniques that instantly eliminates anyone it strikes. Once the target is pierced by the attack, they begin disintegrating immediately. Even Naruto’s healing powers can’t negate the effects of this attack as he was unable to heal Obito.

Kaguya made extensive use of this attack during her battle against Team 7, where one of these ended Obito with no trouble, even though he proved capable of surviving a Lightning Blade to the heart and having the Ten-Tails forcibly extracted from him. This technique also shows her link to the legendary Kaguya clan of which Kimimaro was a part of.


A tailed beast’s ultimate attack, the Tailed Beast Ball is a powerful ball of chakra that fires out of the Bijuu’s mouth like a cannonball and explodes like a nuke. It can be fired as a standard ball or it can be fired as a beam by swallowing it first. Killer Bee has also shown the ability to fire it in a wave.

This is actually a difficult technique to perform as it requires precise chakra control and a mastery over shape transformation. Users must gather their positive black chakra and negative white chakra in an 8:2 ratio, respectively, while simultaneously shaping it into a condensed ball. It’s so difficult that, without Kurama’s help, Naruto was unable to perform this technique.


Izanagi is essentially a cheat code. As one of the Uchiha’s ultimate genjutsu, Izanagi allows the user to manipulate the rules of reality itself for a short time. Though this is an incredibly broad definition, it’s usually used to negate any damage done to the user and it’s related to the incredibly enigmatic Creation of All Things Technique.

However, Izanagi does have its fair share of drawbacks. One use will cause the user’s eye to permanently go blind and it only lasts for a few seconds, but unlocking the Rinnegan will allow the user to regain his or her Sharingan and possessing Senju cells will allow the user to extend the amount of time that Izanagi lasts.


With the exception of Kotoamatsukami, Kamui has to be the most overpowered Mangekyo Sharingan in the series; however, the only side effects it has are the ones typically associated with Mangekyo Sharingan. But, Obito overcame this with an infusion of Hashirama’s cells and even Kakashi was able to largely overcome this during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

This jutsu allows the user to shift mass between the present world and another dimension. With this ability, Obito has been able to teleport, achieve intangibility, absorb powerful attacks, and strand people in the dimension. Kakashi, meanwhile, can use his Kamui at range, allowing him to warp anything he looks at into the Kamui dimension. If you’re trapped in the dimension, there’s no escape without using Kamui.


A tricky jutsu, Limbo grants the user access to clones of him or herself that exist on another plane of existence that coexists with the physical world. These clones are normally completely undetectable and have the same abilities as their user.

Limbo clones give their user a diverse arsenal: they can attack without moving a muscle and defend without raising an arm. Limbo clones are completely undetectable unless you have access to some very rare powers (someone with a Rinnegan can see into the Limbo dimension and make out the clones). Meanwhile, someone with Six Paths Senjutsu can sense the clones and damage them. Without either of these abilities, it’s incredibly tough to defend against this jutsu.


This jutsu puts a lot of stock in surprise and awe. With three simple hand signs, this jutsu calls down a meteor from the upper atmosphere to crash onto the battlefield and cause massive chaos. And if one isn’t enough, you can always call down a second one right after.

Not only does a meteor have the potential to cause catastrophic damage, but it’s demoralizing to look up and see an attack that massive looming overhead. Tengai Shinsei is powerful enough to completely disintegrate reanimated Madara and his Susanoo; however, this technique isn’t unstoppable. Ohnoki and Gaara were able to work together and stop one of the meteors while Naruto and Sasuke were later able to easily destroy them individually.

12 Summoning Jutsu

The Summoning jutsu was a basic jutsu introduced early in the series, however, it’s what the user is able to summon that puts this jutsu on the list. The Summoning jutsu allows the user to do exactly what it says: summon other beings to assist him in his fight. We’ve seen shinobi summon giant toads, giant snakes, giant slugs, a monkey king, a mongoose with a sickle, and even more.

The most powerful of these summons, by far, is the Ten-Tails. The Ten Tails is an amalgamation of all of the other tailed beasts and is as strong as all of them combined. Its Tailed Beast Balls can travel miles in a matter of seconds and blow up fortified structures that are out of sight.


The giant warrior avatar of the Uchiha, the Susanoo turned the Sharingan from dangerous to ridiculous. Once an Uchiha awakens his or her Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes, he or she gets the ability to summon parts of an ethereal samurai warrior under their complete control. The Susanoo greatly enhances its user's defensive capabilities and attack potential, and can form around its user while manifesting different body parts at a time.

When a Sharingan-user unlocks his or her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, they can summon a Perfect Susanoo: the massively powerful, winged version of the Susanoo, which can take on any Tailed Beast and battle the Five Kage as an afterthought.


Sasuke’s strongest ability is one that has caused him to be compared to the Sage of the Six Paths. When Sasuke fought Naruto for the last time, he knew that he couldn’t hold back this time if he wanted to defeat his friend. To that end, he coated his Susanoo arrow with lightning made from chakra he absorbed from all of the Tailed Beasts to create Indra’s Arrow.

This technique is incredibly fast and powerful enough to counter Naruto’s ultimate jutsu. The force from these two techniques clashing caused a massive explosion that impacted the valley they were fighting in. To put this in perspective, the valley they destroyed was created by Hashirama and Madara during their own titanic battle.


Naruto has been accused of using the same few jutsu throughout both of his series, and while that may be true, nobody has found as many alternate uses for one technique as Naruto has with the Rasenshuriken. There’s a Rasenshuriken for every situation, one infused with tailed beast chakra, a tiny one, a giant one, and even more.

This actually serves as the basis for Naruto’s ultimate jutsu: Six Paths: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken. Naruto forms this variant by combining two Kurama avatar clones into his own, creating an Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken and a Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, while infusing both with a massive influx of senjutsu. This technique was powerful enough to counter Sasuke’s ultimate jutsu and completely destroy the Valley of the End.


Better known as the Reanimation Jutsu, Edo Tensei is what Kabuto used to wage war on all Five Shinobi nations at once. This technique allows the user to revive those who have passed and maintain ultimate control over them. Not only does this jutsu revive them, but it also puts them in a vessel that regenerates from all damage and possesses infinitely-refilling chakra. The only way to permanently defeat someone revived by this jutsu is sealing them away.

This technique is one of the most overpowered jutsu ever introduced in the series. Even if you defeat the caster, the jutsu won’t end. The only way to stop this jutsu is to force the caster to end it or to somehow control the caster.


A kekkei genkai popularized by Hashirama Senju, Wood Release may not sound especially powerful, however, it's produced some of the most powerful jutsu in the series, can absorb chakra, and is known as one of the few things that can control a tailed beast.

One of the coolest and most insanely powerful techniques in the series is Sage Art: Wood Release - True Several Thousand Hands. This jutsu sees Hashirama create a thousand-armed wooden avatar large enough to dwarf Kurama and a Perfect Susanoo. This technique is so powerful that it requires Hashirama, with his unprecedented chakra reserves, to enter Sage Mode in order to perform it. But once he does, the actual statue proved far too much for even Madara riding a Susanoo-clad Kyuubi.


This is probably the most diverse jutsu in the series. Truth-Seeking orbs are granted to those with access to Six Paths Senjutsu and those who can enter Tenseigan Chakra Mode; they manifest as black orbs floating right behind their user.

These multifunctional orbs of pure chakra are composed of the five basic chakra natures and are under complete mental control of the user. They’re powerful enough to disintegrate foes with ease and diverse enough to be shaped into virtually anything the user may need. They’re also impossibly durable and even capable of canceling out ninjutsu, rendering it totally immune to it. Only senjutsu is truly capable of damaging the orbs. Even then, it took nine Tailed Beast Ball-sized Rasengan to destroy one of Obitos'.


Naruto has referenced the Eight Gates ever since Rock Lee unlocked his Gates to battle Gaara. Early on, it was teased that opening the Eighth Gate would make you invincible, but it would result in one's demise. We finally got to see this when Guy faced off against Madara as the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuuriki.

Making use of Eight Gates Formation: Gate of Death, Guy’s physical abilities receive a ludicrous amplification. He’s so powerful that his most powerful attack bends space so that the target can’t avoid it. Guy, using the Eight Gates Formation: Gate of Death, took Madara to the verge of elimination and may have even ended him if it weren’t for the technique taking such a toll on his body.


We’ve seen Chibaku Tensei, or Planetary Devastation, several times throughout the series, and each time, it seems to get more and more powerful. This jutsu has users create a black ball and toss it in the sky, drawing everything in the area until it creates an overhead planetoid with an opponent trapped in the center of it.

The strength of this technique depends on the user casting it. Pain could barely contain Naruto using most of the Nine Tails chakra, while Sasuke was able to trap all of the tailed beasts within their own planetoid; however, if used correctly, this jutsu is essentially inescapable. The Six Paths: Chibaku Tensei has proven to be the only way to reliably defeat Kaguya.


When a jutsu is so powerful that, for balance’s sake, you can only use it once every ten years, you know it belongs in the top five. Kotoamatsukami is a Sharingan technique possessed by the legendary Shisui Uchiha. It’s the technique that lead Danzo to eliminate Shisui in order to get.

This jutsu allows the user to control the mind of their target and it's so powerful because it’s virtually undetectable. It affects your memories, so whatever it tells you to do feels like it was your idea in the first place. It’s even strong enough to overwrite the control that Edo Tensei is supposed to grant the user over the revived individuals.


When Kaguya was revived, Naruto: Shippuden got a little intense. As the original wielder of chakra, Kaguya has some insane abilities that felt ridiculous when considering the antagonists we’d seen so far. Perhaps her most ridiculous ability was Amenominaka, which can shift the area around herself and her enemies into one of her dimensions.

Yes, Kaguya has her own dimensions and they’re all bad in their own way. Kaguya’s core dimension allows her to recover from damage very quickly and it can draw chakra from those trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. She also has a lava-filled dimension, an acid-filled dimension, a dimension with a virtually insurmountable amount of gravity, and a desert dimension to strand people in.


The jutsu that can bring the entire world to its knees is definitely worth the top spot. It traps its opponents within an eternal dream-like genjutsu and then leeches their chakra while it does so. We actually got to see how effective it was when Madara actually managed to cast it, immediately disabling nearly everyone in the world. Only Team 7 managed to avoid being caught in it, and that was due to Sasuke’s Rinnegan.

A jutsu that affects the entire world and can only be negated by the rarest dojutsu in history is an unparalleled threat and something on a level we’ve never seen before. Infinite Tsukuyomi easily takes the cake as the most powerful jutsu in Naruto.

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