10 Gifts For The Naruto Fan In Your Life

To buy for a young ninja is a daunting task. After mastering discipline, strength, agility, and courage it seems the average, highly-trained teenage fighter has everything under the sun. For the Naruto fan in your life, this list of gift ideas will be sure to have your loved one yelling, "Dattebayo!" with a fierce determination in their eyes and a confident smile.

These items work as decorative motivation for creative souls to perch on their desks, fun costume pieces to transport diehard fans to Konoha or great references for their own ninja training, perhaps to one day help them become the newest member of Team 7.

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10 Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband


One size fits most with this 2.5" tall headband, made of very dark navy blue fabric, with silver metal detailing. This is an officially licensed Naruto product, by Great Eastern Entertainment. The company is a leading manufacturer of animation and entertainment merchandise, and a trustworthy source for memorabilia.

This is a very accurate replica of the headband worn in the show by Naruto, signifying his belonging to the village of Konoha, also referred to as Hidden Leaf village. The symbol on the front is accurate to the Hidden Leaf symbol from the show. This makes a great costume piece or toy, and also looks great displayed with other fan items.

9 Naruto-Kurama Kizuna Relation Statue


This statuette combines Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden, with the head of Kurama, also known as the Nine-Tails. The Nine-Tails is a beast that is sealed into Naruto. Kurama is a nine-tailed fox, a beast that harbors a severe hatred for human beings until Naruto is able to consistently show it enough respect to gain its trust back again.

The figure is part of the Kizuna series of statues, and the theme is based on the concept of friends and relationships from the series, depicting the connection between the two characters of Naruto and Kurama. The product is 8 x 9 x 9 inches, and appropriate for ages 15 and up.

8 Road to Ninja: Naruto The Movie


This is a 2012 film based on the Naruto anime and manga. A Genjutsu is used on Naruto and his friends in this feature-length film. The Genjutsu is created by the Masked Shinobi, and affects the chakras and five senses of its victims, causing them to see illusions and experience feelings that aren't real.

Trapped in this false world, Naruto and Sakura's friends have their personalities switched to the opposite of what is normal. Characters are also returning from the dead so Naruto and Sakura must find a way to free themselves from the Genjutsu and rescue their friends. This film is a must for any Naruto fan and has a rich and detailed narrative, sure to entertain anyone.

7 Jump Force: Standard Edition


A crossover fighting game, Jump Force merges characters from multiple manga universes and allows players to live in a fantasy world where all of the heroes they know and love could meet - and fight alongside - each other. The game places popular anime characters in the real world, set to fight as a united front.

Players create their own unique character to participate, and the game features 40 characters drawn from 16 different series. Familiar faces appear from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more. Most importantly, characters from the Naruto universe include Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Kaguya, and Boruto. Anime and manga fans will love this game, and Naruto fans will enjoy the mashup with other series.

6 Naruto: Shippuden Kakashi Funko POP!


For any Naruto: Shippuden fan who loves all things ninja, respects talent and leadership above all else and maybe doesn't particularly like taking on too much responsibility, Kakashi is likely to be one of their favorite characters.

Kakashi is the leader of Team 7, teaching them about the concept of teamwork and support for one another. He is considered to be one of the most talented ninjas hailing from Konoha. This Kakashi figure stands 3 3/4 " tall, is made of vinyl and is painted grey, blue and green. This figure is a great toy and also a great decoration for any age.

5 Naruto Box Set 2


This is the second manga box set that form the entire Naruto story. After the series debuted in 1999, it soon became the third best-selling manga series of all time. Fans of the Naruto anime will enjoy these volumes, as they'll get to relive the story all over again.

It's also a must-have for a fan who hasn't read the manga, as this is where it all started, and they will surely enjoy devouring these and learning more about the characters. Fight scenes are sharp and storylines are fascinating and incredibly creative. This manga is great for adolescents with its coming of age theme and adults will relate to the character developments as well - it is above and beyond.

4 Boruto Uzumaki Prize Figure


This figure is from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a spin-off manga sequel to the Naruto manga. Boruto Uzumaki is a shinobi of Konoha and the son of Naruto Uzumaki. His mentor is Sasuke, Naruto's rival and best friend. Boruto resents his father for his absence for a time but eventually comes to have an understanding of his father's responsibilities as a leader.

The figure stands 8.6" tall and is officially licensed with a Bandai Import Collection sticker to prove authenticity, making this gift a little more genuine and special. Anyone who collects anime prize figures will love this, as well a Naruto fan who can proudly display it. 

3 Naruto Plush


Especially for younger fans, this plush is a great soft and safe gift that can provide some serious nighttime ninja protection or friendly playtime. The toy is officially licensed by Great Eastern, high quality and stands about 9" high, arms folded with a familiar fierce look on its face.

Small details are included, like a ninja tool bag and the spiral crest symbolizing the Uzumaki clan appears on the doll's back. This is an easy gift to give to anyone who has already seen all of the anime and read the manga, as it's a collectible that they can still enjoy and display to represent their fandom.

2 Gaara's Gourd Backpack


This backpack is shaped in a replica of Gaara's sand gourd. Gaara was a hateful, selfish character until meeting Naruto and being shown friendship and teamwork. He then becomes a village leader and, as a shinobi, fights using his special sand contained in this gourd. The sand has Gaara's energy within it and is used to kill enemies, cushion falls and manipulate in any way that he needs.

This is an officially licensed product that stands 25" high. It's a great conversation starter with other fans, and giving someone this gift allows them to fantasize that they are truly carrying around sand infused with powerful chakras. The bag holds its shape and is spacious inside for storing as much sand, or books, as is needed.

1 Kurama Funko POP!


While in general most stand about 3 3/4 inches tall, this Funko POP! is a super-sized pop and reaches as high as 6 inches in height. The demonic fox Kurama was a vengeful beast that was sealed in Naruto, but eventually was influenced by the hero's values and goodness, finally deciding to put use powers towards positive causes.

The figure has all 9 tails and blazing red eyes, with a head that swivels for posing. This figure is frightening and sweet at the same time, as the cuteness of any Funko POP! is difficult to escape. This is a key character for a Funko POP! collector who is a fan of anime and manga.

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