Naruto: The 10 Best Episodes Of The Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc (According To IMDb), Ranked

In Naruto, few arcs can change the course of the story, like "The Fated Battle Between Brothers" did. This beloved arc depicts Sasuke's pursuit and eventual battle with Itachi, and the ending of this storyline signals a major change in the direction for the show as a whole and, most importantly, Sasuke's character. After defeating his brother and discovering the truth, Sasuke decides to target the Leaf Village in a fit of rage. At the same time, Team Naruto attempts to track Sasuke down but they fail to find him, despite some close run situation.

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This was a strong arc that did a good job of closing out Itachi's character arc. In honor of this pivotal storyline that fans can't stop talking about even up until today, we run down the 10 highest rated episodes of "The Fated Battle Between Brothers," according to IMDb.


This episode's main purpose is to provide exposition on the current moving pieces of Naruto's plot. In one location, Naruto and Kakashi are quickly covering the land in search of Sasuke.

In the meantime, Sasuke is speaking to Tobi about the night of the Uchiha clan's massacre and his brother's wishes for his life. After this, he sets out on a mission to capture the eight tails, alongside the rest of team Hebi. The new Akatsuki members quickly find Killer Bee and a small skirmish occurs before the episode ends.


As Sasuke heads to Itachi's location, he begins to have flashbacks to the happy days he used to spend with his brother and, for a moment, he wishes he could go back to those simpler times. However, after thinking about the massacre of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke remembers the entire reason he's been fighting until now: to accumulate enough power so that he can avenge his clan.

When Sasuke finally confronts Itachi, the two battle briefly but Sasuke's constant inquiries show that this is not a mere fight for revenge. Itachi has information that Sasuke is desperate to find out before killing him.


Sasuke briefly encountered one of Itachi's shadow clones, thinking it was his actual body. Itachi's clone, however, manages to narrow down Sasuke's search radius and, before long, he is hot on his brother's tail.

When Sasuke arrives at Itachi's location, he is encountered by Kisame who tells him to leave his teammates if he wants to go and face Itachi. Sasuke agrees to this and rushes to confront Itachi. The remainder of the episode focuses on Team Naruto's skirmish against Tobi, and Suigetsu's fight with Kisame.


After traveling to the Village Hidden in the Clouds to capture the eight tails, Sasuke and team Hebi confront the Jinchuriki. Sasuke goes up against Bee one on one, but it quickly becomes apparent that it might not be wise to handle this fight alone. As such, his teammates assist him which aids him greatly.

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Bee then transforms into his Tailed Beast form and this makes the fight even harder but, through effective use of their abilities and teamwork, Hebi manages to capture the Jinchuriki and quickly set off.


The episode opens with Sasuke lying beside the now deceased, Itachi. The battle took everything out of Sasuke and he is barely hanging onto his life. In another location, Team Naruto continue their battle against Tobi but, due to the ability of Tobi's Sharingan, the team is incapable of mounting any kind of offense at the Akatsuki member.

The fight is then interrupted by Zetsu, who reports to Tobi that Sasuke has killed Itachi. This prompts Tobi to leave immediately and head back to a secret Akatsuki hideout, where he reveals a secret to Sasuke.


After confronting Itachi, Sasuke askes him several questions and this episode goes about answering those questions, while, at the same time, trying to keep the fight between the brothers fun and interesting.

Sasuke learns that Madara might have played a role in the Uchiha clan's massacre, but the more shocking revelation is that Madara might have stolen his brother's eyes in order to attain more power and cure the blindness, which occurred due to the overuse of his Sharingan. Itachi then explains the history of Madara and Hashirama before threatening to steal his brother's eyes.

4 FATE (8.5)

The shocking revelation of Itachi's true history and the mission he was assigned by the elders of the Leaf Village sends Sasuke into a panic. As his world crumbles, Tobi continues feeding Sasuke with the truth and, as Sasuke finds out more about his brother, he becomes increasingly emotional.

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Tobi then explains the history of the shinobi world and the importance Madara and Hashirama had on the formation of the ninja world. The episode then concludes with the shocking revelation that Itachi was forced into his mission by the elders of the Leaf Village.

3 TRUTH (8.6)

In this episode, Tobi continues to make use of his extensive knowledge of ninja history and, at this point, he has Sasuke exactly where he wants him. Sasuke has always been seeking the truth and, with Tobi being eager to give him the information, he keeps cashing in.

The episode strings together emotional scenes encompassing Sasuke and Itachi, as Tobi continues to reveal the secrets of the ninja world to Sasuke. The episode then ends on Sasuke's bold proclamation of war against the Leaf Village.


As the intense battle between siblings continue, Itachi casts an ocular Genjutsu before Sasuke can even realize it. In the Genjutsu, he manages to rip out one of Sasuke's eyes, much to the anguish of his younger sibling. As time goes on, Sasuke realizes that he's under another of Itachi's Genjutsu, which allows him to escape from it.

The ensuing scuffle forces the two siblings outside of the shrine they had entered. Now in the open, the brothers prepare for the final stages of their battle. After managing to narrowly escape Itachi's Amaterasu, Sasuke blasts flames in preparaton for his Karin jutsu before the episode abruptly ends.

1 THE END (9.0)

After getting Itachi outside, Sasuke unveils his brand new jutsu, Kirin. Kirin makes use of all the lightning in Sasuke's vicinity. Through turning his chakra into lightning, he can gain access to other electrical currents and he uses this to take control of the massive lightning storm that he has generated. Following this, Sasuke attacks Itachi.

At first, he seems to be down and out, but it is then revealed that Itachi managed to avoid being critically wounded by using his Susanoo to defend himself. At this point, Orochimaru tries to hijack Sasuke's body, but Itachi quickly deals with him before cornering Sasuke.

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