Naruto: 10 Strongest Members Of The Shinobi Alliance, Ranked

The Shinobi Alliance was created for the sole purpose of fighting the Fourth Great Ninja War to stop Obito Uchiha from taking over the world. For the first time, shinobi from all nations united to face the threat brought upon them by a masked man.

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The goal of this war was to protect the Eight-Tails and the Nine-Tails from falling into the hands of the enemies. As shinobi nations joined hands to stop the impending doom, many ninjas stepped up and did their utmost best to ensure their survival, along with that of their civilization. Here are the 10 strongest members of the Shinobi Alliance in Naruto.

10 Onoki

Also known as the 'Fence Sitter', Onoki was one of the strongest shinobi in the entire Naruto series, and even though he was old during the war, he was still a monster in combat. By virtue of his wisdom, even Madara Uchiha recognized Onoki as the main threat among all the Kage.

Onoki was a master Earth-style Ninjutsu user, but his real strength lay in his ability to use the Kekkei Tota known as Dust Release. Although his abilities were severely hampered because of his age, Onoki performed some of the most incredible feats, such as holding off two meteors and saving an entire platoon of shinobi all by himself.

9 Edo Tobirama Senju

Reanimated by Orochimaru on Sasuke's asking, Tobirama joined the Fourth Great Ninja War very late but played a key role in it once he joined. As a master of an arsenal of Ninjutsu, most of which he had created on his own, Tobirama led a large chunk of shinobi in the war.

He did his part by fighting against the Ten-Tails, and even trying his luck against the Ten-Tails Jinchūriki, Obito Uchiha himself. While Tobirama was definitely strong, he certainly didn't display a good showing in the war, primarily because all those who he had to fight, such as Obito and Madara, were astronomically more powerful than him.

8 Edo Itachi Uchiha

Just like the rest of the Akatsuki, Itachi Uchiha was also reanimated by Kabuto Yakushi during the 4th Great Ninja War. According to Kabuto, Itachi was his finest piece among all the other Edo Tensei shinobi. Smart as he is, Itachi broke free from his control and was key in stopping the Edo-Tensei by defeating Kabuto Yakushi and reducing the number of enemies by half.

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Itachi proved himself to be a competent shinobi by, once again, saving the world from the shadows.  He did his part, yet he didn't take any credit for it, just as he did when he was alive. Truly, Itachi was no less than a Hokage.

7 Edo Minato Namikaze

Reanimated by Orochimaru, Minato Namikaze stepped into the war right away, saving the entire alliance from the Ten-tails' attack. He only went on to get stronger by making use of the Nine-Tails Yin chakra. Minato fought some of the most overpowered characters in the Fourth Great Ninja War, such as Six Paths Obito, and Six Paths Madara.

He saved the shinobi alliance from the Ten-Tails on more than one occasion and aided Might Guy in his fight against Madara Uchiha as well. Minato also saved Naruto's life by passing on the Yin half of the Nine-Tails to him during the Ninja War.

6 Edo Hiruzen Sarutobi

Just like his former teachers, Hiruzen Sarutobi was brought back to life to answer the questions that Sasuke Uchiha had in his mind. As Hiruzen stepped into combat, he played a vital role in fighting against Tobi, the Zetsu that was making use of Yamato to stop the alliance. Said to be the strongest Hokage until his time, Hiruzen faced the avatar all alone and managed to stalemate against it.

Furthermore, he rescued Naruto Uzumaki from the God Tree as well. While Hiruzen's true strength wasn't discovered because of his age, he still did more than enough in the Fourth Great Ninja War and was certainly one of the strongest on the battlefield.

5 Edo Hashirama Senju

The First Hokage of Konohagakure, Hashirama Senju made his return in the Fourth Great Ninja War, and once again clashed with Madara Uchiha. Utilizing his monstrous strength, he was capable of subduing the Ten-Tails temporarily, and he even managed to hold off Edo Madara Uchiha until he came back to life.

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Along with the other Kage, he played a major role in the war by stopping the plan to put the world under Infinite Tsukuyomi to some extent. Although strong, Hashirama was clearly no match for the likes of the Ten-Tails jinchūriki, which he openly admitted, and is why he is placed at #5 on this list.

4 Might Guy

Unleashing all his inner power and breaking his shackles, Might Guy showed us what he was truly capable of in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Guy managed to take his Taijutsu skills beyond every limit by employing the use of the Eighth Gate of Death, and overpowering Madara Uchiha in an intense fight against.

Although he couldn't defeat Madara, he destroyed over half of his body. Guy's movements were such that Madara was incapable of keeping track of them at first. Just by running, Guy was able to bend the space-time around him, which just goes to show how overpowered he truly was.

3 Kakashi Hatake

The son of Konoha's White Fang, Kakashi Hatake proved to be a major game-changer in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Using his Mangekyo Sharingan, Kakashi displayed his proficiency as a Commander of the alliance in the war, facing multiple reanimations on his own, including the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

Although that's impressive, it's not nearly as impressive as the time when he awakened the Susanoo using Obito's chakra and fought Kaguya Otsutsuki. For that moment, Kakashi was one of the strongest ninjas in the entire series, if not the strongest. Once again, the Copy Ninja proved why he is not be underestimated.

2 Sasuke Uchiha

Although he started the Fourth Great Ninja War on the side of the Akatsuki, Sasuke's little talk with the Hokage changed his mind, and he decided to join the alliance to save the world from the Ten-Tails. As a user of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke was strong enough to fight on equal footing against the likes of Kabuto.

Later on, he gained the Rinnegan from the Sage of Six Paths and became strong enough to overpower Madara Uchiha, the Ten-Tails Jinchūriki by himself. Over the years, Sasuke has refined his control over the Rinnegan exceptionally, making him one of the two most powerful shinobi to ever exist.

1 Naruto Uzumaki

Undoubtedly the strongest shinobi of all time, Naruto Uzumaki was perhaps the biggest reason why the shinobi war was won. Like Sasuke, Naruto entered the war pretty late, mostly because the truth about the war was being kept hidden from him. Once Naruto joined, he made use of his newly acquired Nine-Tails chakra to fight several reanimated Kage at once.

Furthermore, Naruto went on to gain half of the powers of the Sage of Six Paths, along with that of the nine Tailed Beasts. With his Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto reached the absolute pinnacle of power, with only a few, such as Kaguya and Hagoromo, standing above him at the time.

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