'Narnia's' Ben Barnes Travels to HBO's 'Westworld'

Actor Ben Barnes, who played Prince Caspian in "The Chronicles of Narnia" films, will be joining the cast of HBO's "Westworld," reports Deadline. He joins a cast that already includes Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton.

Barnes will replace Eion Bailey ("Once Upon a Time") in the role of Logan, who just last week joined the series as the network also announced Miranda Otto leaving along with new additions Jimmi Simpson ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), Clifton Collins Jr. ("Pacific Rim") and Danish actress Sidse Babbett Knudsen ("Borgen"), with Knudsen taking over the role originally set for Otto.

Scheduled to air in 2016, the sci-fi western thriller is a remake of the 1973 film by Michael Crichton. Set in an amusement park where guests can fulfill their wildest fantasies via lifelike robots, the story follows Logan, a pleasure-seeking repeat visitor, and his friend William, who's completely new to the whole experience. But things take a sharp turn for the worse when the robots begin to malfunction, killing every human in sight.

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