Netflix's Narcos Becomes a Comic Book Series From IDW

Netflix's crime drama sensation Narcos will get its very own comic series from IDW Publishing this April.

Writer Ryan Ferrier (G.I. Joe: Silent Option) and artist Vic Malhotra (The X-Files) will helm a four-issue original story set within the continuity of the Gaumont-produced show's first season. The miniseries will focus on DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña as they dig into the drug empire of Pablo Escobar, aka El Patrón. Season 1 chronicled Escobar's arrest thanks to the DEA's extensive investigations and his eventual escape from a prison he created for himself.

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"I'm thrilled to take fans new and old into a deeper, unseen story from the volatile, teeth-gritting world of Narcos," Ferrier said in a statement. "I'm even more excited to bring this to life alongside Vic Malhotra, whose immense talent and style will show us a new side of Narcos -- one with dangerously high stakes and a new, chaotic presence that will affect the DEA, the Cartels, Don Pablo himself, and all of Colombia."

"I'm stoked that IDW and Gaumont selected me as the artist for this book. Narcos feels very authentic, its brooding characters and gritty world," Maholtra added. "It's very important to bring that feel to the comic page, to inject it into the way things are drawn, the colors, the compositions. It's been fun and challenging so far, and I hope readers dig it!"

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This franchise has become one of Netflix's most popular shows, spanning three seasons that detail the downfall of Escobar. A spinoff titled Narcos: Mexico debuted last year in November.

Ryan Ferrier and Vic Malhotra's Narcos #1 goes on sale in April.

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