DC's Newest Hero Just Stumbled on a Massive Secret Conspiracy

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Naomi #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, Jamal Campbell and Josh Reed, on sale now.

The DC Universe is currently overflowing with a number of major conspiracies. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are tackling the mysteries of the New 52 and DC Rebirth in Doomsday Clock, there's the whole murder mystery at the heart of Heroes in Crisis, all while Brian Michael Bendis has the Man of Steel investigating the rising Leviathan threat in Superman and Action Comics.

Of course, Bendis is known for keeping a full plate when it comes to his writing schedule, and the launch of his Wonder Comics imprint at DC added Young Justice and Naomi to his writing credits, alongside series writer David F. Walker. While Young Justice is focused on the reunion of fan-favorite teen heroes Robin (Tim Drake), Impulse, Superboy (Conner Kent) and Wonder Girl, Naomi introduced a brand-new character and an all-new conspiracy that could have massive repercussions for the DC Universe.

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A Small Town Girl With Big Time Questions

Naomi's world is changed forever after a battle between Superman and Mongul passed through her small town. Unfortunately, she was one of the only residents to miss the melee. To make matters even worse, Naomi also missed Superman's return to help clean up some of the destruction from his fight with Mogul. These two random incidents caused Naomi to search online for any news articles recapping the Superman appearance, but she soon realized not a single outlet picked up the news.

"Superman Port Oswego" pulls up zero results in Naomi's online search. Seeing as how this is the first time something of this magnitude has happened to the small town, one would think the world wide web should be filled with cellphone footage and social media reactions at least, not to mention a write-up at the local newspaper.

Naomi tried talking to her therapist about what she found (or didn't' find), but the good doctor chalked up Naomi's obsession to "the Superman Complex." You see, Naomi, like the Man of Steel, is adopted. While Superman was accepted by his adoptive parents and the world at large, this isn't the case for many adopted kids. These children go on to hope that they, too, will find out they're special just like Superman. We know Naomi was also adopted, so her hyperfocus on Superman may be attributed to this.

However, there is more to this brewing mystery. During a gathering with her friends, Naomi discovered there was another superhero incident in the town years before Superman's appearance. While many of the town's residents laugh it off and dismiss the entire notion, Naomi isn't so sure.

As she stands in the middle of the repairs from Superman and Mongul's fight, Naomi surveys her neighbors with a skeptical eye. Is what she's being told the truth? Or is there a deeper mystery at play? It should be pointed out that in each panel of the pedestrians, there is at least one person who gives her a curious look. Of course, it could be because of Naomi's glare, but what if they are really afraid that she is getting close to uncovering the truth?

Naomi finally gained her first clue from Dee, who runs a car repair shop. Dee confirmed that the recent Superman incident isn't the first time something like that has happened there, and the other occurrence took place seven years ago on March 14, which also happens to be the day Naomi was adopted. Coincidence? We think not.

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Someone has gone to great lengths to hide a metahuman event in this ordinary town. Whatever happened, everyone's memory of it was erased or altered, save for Dee. Also, it might have involved leaving Naomi behind in a foster home. Perhaps her parents are connected to it as well. Readers will get to meet them next issue, so more clues to this DC Universe conspiracy should be forthcoming.

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