Naomi Will Forever Change the DC Universe, Promise Bendis, Walker & Campbell

This book promises new worlds and new ideas, but what about the pre-existing characters and ideas in the DCU? Will we be seeing familiar faces pop up as the series progresses, or will this generally remain a self-contained story?

Bendis: It's a mystery, so I have to be a little vague, but there's a reason this story takes place in the DC Universe. Just like Jessica Jones' story could have been told in a "fictional" Marvel Universe, it really only had that specialness because it was the Marvel Universe. There's a similar thing with Naomi, where it's because it's the DC Universe that this story will be that much more potent for her.

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[The events of the first issue] not only start Naomi on a quest to find herself, but by doing so, she starts investigating the town, and by doing so she discovers that -- like every town in America -- it's full of secrets. These secrets are a little more DC connected than I think people would even guess from the first issue.

Yes, you're going to be seeing a lot of things from DC at an angle you've never seen before. It got us all excited that we were just able to look at this stuff from a different angle.

David: To add onto that, we're seeing new stuff and we're seeing established stuff in a new way, and that's when things start really getting exciting, when we bring in elements that are kind of familiar, but you're like "Wait a second, I didn't know that this existed."

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It's like the first time they showed the Batcopter. I knew the Batmobile existed, but there's a helicopter, too? There's a lot of "Batcopters" and things like that.

What are your long-term plans for this series? How far out have you planned, where do you see it going and are you building to something?

Bendis: Yes. 1000 percent we're building to something. What Naomi is going to discover is a completely new thing to the DC Universe. It is going to be something that, even if Naomi's book is not around, the playground will be there for people to play with and to use.

I hope people can understand when I say this that I'm not comparing myself to Jack Kirby. I'm not. But many, many years ago, Jack Kirby came to DC and was given a lot of freedom to create. He created the Fourth World and all the stuff that came with it, right? Knowing that we're in a similar situation where they're like, "Go nuts, invent, create," it seems almost an obligation to try and do something of equal value.

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The first issue of Naomi by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell will be released by DC Comics on Jan. 23.

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