Naomi Will Forever Change the DC Universe, Promise Bendis, Walker & Campbell

David F. Walker: A lot of times you'll read a story or watch a movie and there's that character who is really, really interesting, but we don't get their whole story because it's somebody else's story. You're reading Harry Potter or watching Harry Potter, but there's that character where you're like, "I really want to know more about this one."

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We didn't want to run into that problem with the character of Naomi. If she made her first appearance in Young Justice or another book like that, we'd never be able to tell this story the way we need to tell it, the way we want to tell it. A lot of what we're trying to do is tell the story of someone whose story normally doesn't get told, or is normally relegated to part of an ensemble cast where they're like the third billed character.

We really thought about this, we talked about it and this was it, this is how we do this thing. It's not done that often, and so there are challenges, and it's daunting, but I believe there are people out there who want that story. They want the story of someone like this character and the characters in her world.

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Who is Naomi? Her entire life is about to get turned upside down, but what should readers know about her going in?

David: In a lot of ways she starts out like all of us. She's a seemingly ordinary person in an ordinary world and then something extraordinary happens in her world, which is Superman bounces in for just a moment, and then he's gone. In that moment, it's changed her perspective. She's starting to ask questions, digging a little bit deeper and then what she's going to discover -- which may sound corny -- is all of us are extraordinary people, and this is about her discovering how extraordinary she is.

I do believe that all of us are extraordinary people, but the key is that a lot of times stories about that journey of discovery, of us becoming heroes, is not always tailored for certain groups of people. That's what Brian and I wanted to do.

In the beginning, we were sort of cynical, asking how traditional do we want to be in this sort of hero's journey of this character. You know, we've seen it a million times before and Brian is, like, yeah, but there are young readers out there who really haven't seen it yet, haven't experienced it yet. Let's take them on that journey, but let's just take them on that journey with a character who doesn't look like a traditional hero.

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Naomi is an invitation to readers to see that they are extraordinary, and they can go on a journey of discovery of their own greatness.

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