Naomi Will Forever Change the DC Universe, Promise Bendis, Walker & Campbell

The DC Universe is about to get a whole lot bigger. Launching in this year is Wonder Comics, a new line of comics curated by Brian Michael Bendis that will focus on young superheroes. Perhaps the most mystery title of them all is Naomi, a project Bendis is working on with David F. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell.

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Unlike the other titles in the line, Naomi is an entirely new character with a lot of potential. Starting out as an ordinary girl in an ordinary town, a chance encounter with Superman pushes her to look into the mysteries surrounding her adoption.

Expect big mysteries, hidden secrets and a hero's journey you won't soon forget. The creative team was kind enough to talk with CBR about the new title and what to expect from its main character.

How Does Naomi fit into Wonder Comics and the DC Universe?

Brian Michael Bendis: Naomi is a brand new, original character. We bring with her an entire world of stuff to the DC Universe. So, instead of reimagining something like Young Justice and reintroducing it, Naomi is coming to the line with an entire toy box of stuff.

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Trying to launch a new character is hard, but why did her story need to be its own series instead of part of the new Young Justice, for instance, and what do you think Naomi brings to the table that you believe will connect with readers?

Bendis: Really it comes down to her perspective of the DC Universe, her perception of her own story from her own point of view is literally the only way David and I wanted to tell the story. Like, there wasn't even another idea. The moment that you're seeing the first issue is the moment it became her story, and it can only be effective from her point of view. Which is that she has questions that she needs answered.

And, listen, yeah, sometimes people try to launch books and they don't do so well. Every other week movies come out and they bomb. It doesn't mean we don't try. The biggest successes of my life were launching Jessica Jones and Mile Morales into the world, and sometimes to great struggle, but it's hard to convince me that the fight wasn't worth it.

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When I came to DC Comics, not only did they ask me to create new characters, they kind of emptied the lanes, like, 'just do it, man." They created a situation where I can share, so the first thing that I did was call David Walker, and I said, "This is an opportunity here to do something really honest and unique and beautiful." So, I didn't feel like it was that big of a gamble because it was what literally everyone behind the scenes was hoping we would do.

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