Namor the Sub-Mariner Has Killed An Avenger

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Avengers #9 by Jason Aaron, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Namor is what you might call a "complicated character." While it's fair to call him a hero, there have been many occasions where he has acted anything but heroic. As the king of the underwater kingdom known as Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner must do what is best for his people, which can put him at odds with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And we won't even get into the Mister Fantastic-Namor-Invisible Woman love triangle.

The Avengers and X-Men have counted Namor among their ranks, with the underwater king currently a member of Jean Grey's X-Men Red team. However, the Namor willing to work in a team environment in X-Men Red is drastically different than the one shown in a preview of Avengers #9.

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Overlooking the differences in personalities, the Namor in Avengers is downright bloodthirsty as he enters a confrontation between a former Avenger and the villain Tiger Shark. What begins as a friendly rivalry between brothers-in-law quickly turns deadly, with the reader left wondering why Namor has taken such a dark turn.

A Day Of Reckoning

The preview begins with Tiger Shark attacking a cruise ship off the coast of the Bahamas, looking to collect a toll for trespassing on his waters. Stingray just happened to be a passenger on the ship with his wife, who so happens to be Tiger Shark's sister. What follows is a pretty hilarious exchange as they bicker and fight like brothers, until Namor, surrounded by Mad Max-looking sharks, enters with a proposition -- "A day of reckoning has come," he said. "You both face a very simple yet profound choice. Join Me. Or leave these oceans. Forever."

Stingray mistakenly thinks this is another of Namor's "I hate the surface world!" rants and tries to reason with him, which leads to Namor beating Stingray to a bloody pulp. Once the beatdown is complete, Namor declares he has no friends from the surface world anymore, and sics his war sharks to finish off Stingray's carcass.

Captain America and Namor may be old war buddies, but the Sentinel of Liberty won't look too kindly on an Avenger killing another Avenger. Something major must have set Namor on this vengeful path, and he's looking to recruit new members to his cause. Unfortunately for Stingray, he never got the chance to give a proper yes or no. Tiger Shark, however, sees the writing on the blood-stained ocean walls and joins up with Namor to save his own skin.

With this being comics, there is a chance Stingray survived the mauling. The next page from the artwork above shows his limp body floating in the waters, so who knows if he's truly dead or alive. However, after looking at all the evidence presented to us, our verdict would be that Stingray's a goner.

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