Namor, Smallville, Blade: Trinity: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Variety reports that director Chris Columbus ("Harry Potter," "Mrs. Doubtfire") has been signed to helm a big screen adaptation of the tale of Atlantis' Avenging Son.


Kryptonsite has a fresh rumor about the love life of one of the show's main characters, which would bring a new cast member to the show.


The new trailer is online at Apple's website.


In his Bad Signal mailing list, creator Warren Ellis reports, "Shooting location for the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot has been confirmed as Vancouver." Meanwhile, the makers of Kryptonsite allegedly have spoilers on casting choices and the pilot's script.


The new clip from the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel has been posted online in QuickTime at The Movie Box.


The German website Moviegod has posted a lot of new photos from the upcoming feline flick.


Comics Continuum has new images from the web-spinning sequel.

Also, Dark Horizons has an interview with Tobey Maguire, where the actor delves into the psychology of Peter Parker. "I think being Spider-Man is wearing on him, not having a life of his own. I always thought it was peculiar to me how this kid couldn't see how he could just have a little balance in his life and things would be a little better for him. But there are complications to that, which I understand. He doesn't want to put his loved ones in danger and just being honest with people, at first causes him pain. He wants a life of his own, wants to have some kind of balance in his life, but also has these gifts and wants to use them responsibly."


The Dog of Steel is coming to the small screen, and MediaSharx has the first look at him, including this description of the series: "The show will follow Krypto, sent to Earth from the planet Krypton as a 'test puppy' by Superman's father, Jor-El. When he lands on the unfamiliar planet of Earth, the fully-grown Krypto seeks out a friend and finds Kevin Whitney, a young boy who needs a friend. Using all of Krypto's powers, including heat vision and super strength, the two team up to fight those who would threaten the people and animals of Metropolis."


Superhero Hype has a report from a Q&A with Brian Michael Bendis and Avi Arad, and there were tidbits aplenty about upcoming movie projects. "When asked if Gambit was going to be in X3, Arad said 'it makes sense' but wouldn't confirm or deny. He was also asked about casting for the FF movie. He said that we should be hearing official announcements in about 2 weeks. He did answer a question by saying that Michael Chiklis would be 'a good choice.' Bendis also answered a question about his recently greenlit Jinx movie. He said that he would probably be contributing to the script. He didn't say that he was going to be the official writer, but he would probably write at least a draft."


Newsweek has an extensive, spoiler-laden report on the Chris Nolan-helmed Bat flick, including new images from the set. There's some fun behind-the-scenes notes, including this one: "thing gets more attention than the Batsuit. Whenever Bale is in costume, two people trail him to keep it smudge-free; another person is charged with making sure his cape billows dramatically. On a converted parking lot at Shepperton, the crew has built an entire village of trailers, dubbed Cape Town, where chemists and costume art-ists churn out neoprene-and-foam-latex Batsuits by the bushel. In the movie, the suit is translucent at first: it's a futuristic military design complete with body armor and muscle-recovery devices. Wayne sprays it black to camouflage it. 'Chris wanted a serious, matte finish-not shiny or gloopy,' says costume designer Lindy Hemming. 'We didn't want to depart from the classic silhouette, but we also didn't want to go too much in the homoerotic direction.' Got it: no nipples."


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