Namor, Mutant X, Catwoman, more: January 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige told Comics Continuum that conceptual artwork for Atlantis' Avenging Son is underway, and they have a new draft of the script. They're looking at a 2006 release for the film, following plans for "Fantastic Four," "Luke Cage," Elektra," "Deathlok," "Ghost Rider" and "Iron Man" in 2005.


The Vancouver Province reported on Halle Berry's accident on the set of her new feline-themed action film. The report said, "Sources said Berry was doing a minor stunt scene Saturday evening when she was struck on the head by a lighting prop. The Oscar-winning star fell to the ground and remained prone while being administered oxygen by first-aid attendants, then got up and walked off the set at the Centre for the Performing Arts. Berry was driven to St. Paul's Hospital at about 8 p.m. and remained there for tests until about 3 a.m. yesterday before being returned to her downtown hotel. "It's a very safe set -- it was just one of those things," said a crew source, adding that Berry was struck while being filmed in a tight scene involving a revolving rack of lights." Warner Brothers released a statement (which Superherohype posted) about the incident. "Actress Halle Berry was taken to hospital on Saturday night (January 24) after being involved in a minor accident on the Vancouver set of Catwoman. As it is customary while in production, Ms. Berry was transported to a local Vancouver hospital where she was treated and released. Ms. Berry resumed work on the Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow production this morning as scheduled."


Comics Continuum also has a spoiler-esque plot synopsis and photos from this week's episode "Possibilities," written by Lisa Steele and directed by Rene Bonniere.


Los Angeles fans will be able to head down to the LA Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention to see Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman, showing footage from the Mike Mignola adaptation this Sunday at 3PM. Perlman is also supposed to talk about his work as a voice actor on "Teen Titans" as well.


Kryptonsite has an image gallery from the new episode "Delete." The WB has also posted the entire WB Magazine from last Sunday's LA Times, which features an article on Kristin Kreuk. Finally, Devoted to Smallville notes that Sam Jones III is featured in the current issue of Bop Magazine.


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