Comic Legends: Was Kanu Secretly Namor?

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Marvel adapted a Namor inventory story for a fantasy adventure


I'm Going to Go With False

The brilliant artist, José Villarrubia, recently shared a cool story on his Facebook page.

1956's Adventures Into Mystery #1 has a story by artist Tony Mortellaro called "The Grass is Always Greener," which spotlights an underwater-dwelling couple who encounters the above ground world...

Now, Jose clearly doesn't make a statement about the origin of the story, but over the years, lots of folks have believed that this story was a Namor inventory story that, when Namor's short-lived 1953-1955 relaunched series was canceled in 1955, was later re-purposed as this story.

This is obviously something that happens a lot, as I've noted in past Comic Book Legends Revealed (like when Walter Simonson re-worked an unpublished John Carter story into a Star Wars story).

I just tend not to think that it was a case here.

First off, Bill Everett drew all of the stories for the Sub-Mariner Comics, so I don't know if they even HAD any inventory stories done for the book (especially Mortellaro, who didn't draw any other superhero work for Atlas).

Secondly, during his run on the 1953-1955 Namor run, Everett re-introduced Namora, a character from the late 1940s, and he established that she was Namor's cousin instead of his love interest...

So the female character in the story A. doesn't look like Namora and B. is obviously romantically involved with the male character.

Thirdly, Namor was clearly interacting with the surface world throughout all of his 1950s stories, so the above story doesn't work in that sense, either.

I think there's enough there to say that it's just an amusing coincidence.

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