Namor, Heroes, Tintin, The Dark Knight: May 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has a new rumor from a scooper's email: "Just got home from my acting class, and a classmate tells me she just did a guest turn on TVs 'Bones.' Don't know that there's any truth to this or not, but she's saying that David Boreanaz from the show may be up for - or has auditioned -- for the 'Sub Mariner' movie ... he said he had ... P.S though my friend called it the 'Namor' movie. I assume its the same thing we're talking about." Jonathan Mostow is attached to direct the Universal Pictures project.


CBR has a slew of news about the hit NBC series, including photos from the season finale, a story about the spin-off show that we'll see next fall, a set report for tonight's penultimate episode "Landslide" and a new behind the eclipse feature with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.


According to Variety, "Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming to direct and produce three back-to-back features based on Georges Remi's beloved Belgian comic-strip hero ... for DreamWorks. Pics will be produced in full digital 3-D using WETA Digital's groundbreaking performance capture technology."


Superhero Hype reports that the production was in the UK at the Senate House and the Criterian, Picadilly Circus.

Meanwhile, Batman-On-Film has some spoilers and rumors about who Eric Roberts will play and some fresh spoilers about the Clown Prince of Crime.


Stan Lee revealed his now-expected cameo to IGN. "I'm with three blondes and Tony Stark mistakes me for Hugh Hefner," Lee said. "I won't tell you the rest, but it's very funny."

Lead actor Robert Downey Jr. talked to Time Out Abu Dhabi about his determination to play the title role. "I went after it," Downey said. "I hunted it down. I am a fan of the comic book. It's mythology. Stan Lee created the character on a dare to see if he could make a wealthy, establishment, weapons manufacturing, hard drinking, womanizing p**** into someone who is likable and a hero. And I definitely have had to overcome certain perceptions. But I know underneath it, my heart is in the right place. And that's kind of what the movie is about."

Finally, storyboard artist Dave Lowery talked to LBUnion.com about working on the Downey-led Marvel movie. "Jon [Favreau] is a real fun character and an amazingly sharp guy. He also gave us a lot of room to run with, as far as action and the scene, and he has this really refined bullsh** meter. He immediately knows where you might have gotten inspiration for an idea. He's seen it all, so that sort of keeps you on your toes and helps you invent fresh stuff." Lowery also discusses working on "Spider-Man 3."


According to ABC Prague, actress Angelina Jolie is in the Czech city, working on the Mark Millar adaptation. "According to unconfirmed information, she's accompanied by her life partner Brad Pitt, their four children, a nanny and lots of servants. She is staying in a villa in the diplomatic part of Prague-Dejvice. Any details are strictly concealed by the production. She will probably stay in Prague for about 4 weeks."


UFC icon Chuck Lidell was quoted at ESPN.com talking about his ambition to get into the Thomas Jane-led sequel. "I'm interested in Hollywood," Lidell said. "I'm trying to do 'Punisher 2.' I may get to play the villain's crazy brother. I'll probably start acting classes."


Toon Zone reports that "Cartoon Network will be airing a new 26 episode Transformers animated show called 'Transformers: Animated,' starting in the fall of 2007. The series will be written by Marty Isenberg, one of the top writers on the 'Beast Machines' series. It will be the first North American designed and written Transformers series since 'Beast Machines' ended. Matt Youngberg will be the new series' supervising director, Derrick Wyatt will provide the character designs and it will be produced by Cartoon Network VP Sam Register."


Actor Doug Jones is over it -- really -- and has been making the rounds showing his maturity at getting his voice replaced by that of Laurence Fishburne for the role of Norrin Radd. He's quoted in the Edmonton Sun as saying, "Yes, I have some very definite feelings about that. But my political faith has to stay on (this path): 'I wish them all good luck and I hope the movie's a success!' That's all I can say ... Artistically, I would rather just see it stay intact with my performance. But Laurence Fishburne is a name and he has a good background with 'The Matrix' franchise. And, if that sells more tickets than Doug Jones would have, that is probably why they did it. Can I blame them for that? That's not my department."


Speaking of other movies with Doug Jones in them, two Hungarian websites are noting that Budapest-adjacent Korda Studios will play host for Guillermo del Toro and the Mike Mignola-minded sequel.


We received an email from Greg Jurls stating that "'The Alchemy of Art: David Mack' won a Platinum Remi (top award) in the Independent Video category at the Worldfest film festival. This is the 40th year for the festival. Worldfest gave out the first awards to Spielberg, Lucas, the Coen brothers, And Lee and a host of others."


The Wayans Brothers property is being adapted by Rogue Pictures, according to Variety.


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