5 Heroes That Namor Gets Along With (& 5 That Are Constantly Trying To Kill Him)

Namor the Submariner is one of the most interesting and complex Marvel heroes. Most people just consider him Marvel's less famous version of Aquaman, but he is so much more than that. Namor might occasionally fight on the side of good but just as often, he’s going head-to-head with his fellow heroes.

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As King of Atlantis, his duty to his people comes first. He regularly seeks revenge on the surface world which makes him rather unpopular with the other heroes he sometimes fights alongside. Yet as hard as he can be to get along with, Namor does have a couple of allies he actually considers friends.

10 Likes: Captain America

Namor's origins go back a long way in the comics with the character being among the very first Marvel heroes. During WWII, Atlantis is being invaded by Nazi divers who are hoping to capture and experiment on the people of Atlantis. Obviously, this is something Namor will not stand for.

Going to the surface, Namor joins The Invaders, a superhero group led by Captain America who battles the Nazis. Cap proves to be one of the few heroes Namor is willing to follow into battle. Namor is even responsible for rescuing Cap from being frozen in the ice, albeit accidentally.

9 Hates: Iron Man

Given how different their personalities are, it's perhaps not too surprising that Namor is not a fan of Iron Man. Tony Stark seems to have a knack for rubbing his fellow heroes the wrong way and his actions often put him at odds with even his closest allies.

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Obviously, the biggest conflict to pit the heroes against each other was the Civil War storyline. Iron Man led the pro-registration side of the fight while Cap led those who were opposed. Iron Man foolishly tried recruiting Namor to his side. Instead, Namor led his own army into battle against Iron Man's forces.

8 Likes: Bucky


Along with willing to follow Captain America as part of The Invaders, Namor also managed to play nice with several other heroes who were on the team. Some of his comrades included the original Human Torch, Union Jack and, of course, Cap's best buddy, Bucky.

While Captain America seems like the kind of guy who can inspire loyalty in just about any hero, Namor's partnership with Bucky is even more impressive. It would be interesting to see how much they connect after Bucky becomes The Winter Soldier.

7 Hates: Charles Xavier

Another interesting aspect of Namor's past is that he is revealed to be the first mutant, long before the X-Men joined the Marvel family. As a result of this discovery, both Magneto and Charles Xavier try to recruit Namor to their respective mutant teams. Surprisingly, he chooses to follow Magneto.

Namor takes particular issue with the fact that Xavier does not view humans as the enemy. In fact, Namor joins Magneto to fight Xavier's X-Men who fight to protect the human race. Though they don't see eye-to-eye, Namor and Xavier did eventually team-up as members of the Illuminati.

6 Likes: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Namor Fear Itself The Deep #1

Namor has proven many times that he would much rather operate on his own. Even when interested in his heroic pursuits, he is someone who likes to work alone. And yet Namor has been a member of several superhero teams and has seemed to have formed a somewhat friendly relationship with a few heroes.

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One hero that Namor genuinely seems to tolerate is Doctor Strange. As members of both the Illuminati and the Defenders, they have fought alongside each other on numerous occasions. Even more surprising, Namor has actually asked Doctor Strange for help at times.

5 Hates: Fantastic Four

Namor was reintroduced into the comics within the Fantastic Four stories. Now suffering from amnesia and thinking himself a regular human, Namor is helped to regain his memory by Johnny Storm. Unfortunately, those memories remind Namor of the terrible things "service dwellers" have done to his people and he vows revenge.

Namor unleashes a sea creature on the people of the surface, prompting the Fantastic Four to battle him. This begins Namor's first conflict that Fantastic Four who he has fought numerous times, becoming one of their more frequent enemies.

4 Likes: Hulk

Namor might be the most difficult anti-hero to manage but he is far from the only hero to have problems getting along with others. The other obvious example of this is Hulk who frequently comes to blows with his fellow crime fighters, even though he is one of the founding members of the Avengers.

Not surprisingly, these two troublesome heroes have found a lot in common and have even teamed up to fight their fellow heroes. Their contempt for the world seemed to create a bond between them and Namor even tried to prevent Hulk exile from Earth as a member of the Illuminati.

3 Hates: Bruce Banner

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers Infinity War

Part of the fun of Hulk is that his alter ego thinks and acts completely different from his superhero persona. So if there is someone that Hulk gets along with, you can bet that Bruce Banner is not going to like them at all.

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After Namor successfully recruits Hulk to fight alongside him against the Avengers, the two prove to be a formidable team. However, when Hulk reverts back to Banner in the middle of the fight, Banner quickly removes himself from the conflict, leaving Namor to be badly beaten.

2 Likes: Sue Storm

Namor might not like most members of the Fantastic Four but he does take a particular interest in Sue Storm. Even when he is battling the superhero group, Namor falls in love with Sue and decides to make her his queen.

Awkwardly, Sue does not feel the same way about Namor and is also quite attached to Reed Richards. But Namor is no gentleman and frequently tries to take Sue back to Atlantis against her will. Even with the heroes he likes, Namor is still a jerk.

1 Hates: Black Panther

On the surface of things, Black Panther and Namor seem to have a lot in common. They are both powerful and intelligent kings of secret societies. Despite this, these two have become mortal enemies in the comics.

Namor, in an attempt to punish the service world, has attacked and gone to war with Wakanda on several occasions. In one instance, while imbued with the Phoenix Force, Namor successfully flooded and destroyed Wakanda. Given their increasingly combative relationship, many fans are hoping Namor will be the main villain in Black Panther 2.

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