Namesake #1

Over the past week, CBR has featured exclusive commentary from writer Steve Orlando on the soon-to-debut BOOM! Studios series "Namesake," illustrated by artist Jakub Rebelka. Now, take a look at all 12 pages from our preview, along with a final bit of commentary from Orlando.

Steve Orlando: "And what’s coming?"

"Jordan has set out for Ektae, a world that has business with his past. A world where he’s stashed so much anger and baggage, and the rumor of a man who has taken one hurt jaw and turned it into an empire as well as a vendetta. The comfort zone is so far gone Jordan doesn’t know what it was—but the desire is stronger than ever."

"Jordan is about to pave his own road of personal discovery and long-awaited closure with the faces of every person foolish enough to stand in his way. He doesn’t care what it takes. It’s for family."

"But when he gets there -- what if family isn’t what Jordan thought it was in the first place?"

Solicitation text: "Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Virgil) brings us his only original series of 2016, a gripping story about the nature of identity.

"Once every seven years, Earth overlaps with Ektae, a world where alchemy is not pseudo-science but the driving force of industry. For seven days, Ektae breaches our world, bringing dirty magic and ideas.Jordan Molossus was born of Earth and Ektae and abandoned by both, but when he receives two cast iron urns containing his estranged fathers' ashes, he'll leave everything behind to put his parents to rest before Ektae disappears for another seven years."

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