Name That Artist is back to vex your brain!

Yes, the sensation has returned! This time, I'm going a bit far afield, as this example didn't even appear in a comic book! Can you handle it?!?!?

I think this one is fairly easy, but I'm posting it because of a few reasons. I was rearranging my books this past weekend, and I stumbled across a book that used comic art in its chapter breaks. So I thought it would be fun to show you some examples. Plus, the person who drew these has commented on the blog before, so I'm hoping this person sees these and enjoys the trip down memory lane. If this is too easy - well, I apologize. Maybe you guys just know WAY too much about comics and their creators!!!!

Let's gaze upon them!

That's all you need, right? I mean, look at that detail! So get to guessing, good readers. You can do it!

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