<i>Naked Kill</i> puts the (pornographic) pun in <i>Punisher</i>

The "Explicit Content" warning on Marvel's MAX titles has long covered a multitude of sins: profanity, graphic violence, sex scenes, "adult situations."

Now add to the list a string of puns, of the pornographic variety.

Before we go any further, let me offer a warning of my own: This post contains words -- really just one word, used repeatedly -- that may offend some readers. There's also a panel from the comic in question that clearly shows that word. I'll hide everything after the break.

Last night, CBR posted a preview of Punisher MAX: Naked Kill, a one-shot by horror novelist Jonathan Maberry and artist Laurence Campbell that sends Frank Castle on the trail of a "murderous snuff-film ring." An adult situation, certainly.

On the first page we see a group of men -- "a bunch of mooks on the distribution end of a torture porn ring" -- watching one of the movies, which appears to star a ... luchador? Sure, why not.

Scattered on the floor in front of the television is a stack of video cassettes sporting hand-scrawled titles: "Cock N Hole Hall Of Fame," "Bad Day At Black Cock," "Hard Cock Cafe," "Cock-It Man" and "Old Time Cock N Hole."

I can't be certain, but I think they're porn.

Not to spoil anything, but Frank Castle kills all but one of the "mooks" in apparent retaliation for the awful movie titles. ("Cock N Hole," twice? Really? It wasn't funny the first time, guys.) He's the Punisher; that's what he does.

Punisher MAX: Naked Kill goes on sale next week.

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