Naja Joins Marvel's "The Uncanny Inhumans"

Yesterday, Marvel Comics released a cover by Nick Bradshaw for their "The Uncanny Inhumans" backup story in Free Comic Book Day's "All-New, All-Different Avengers" issue. Today, Naja officially joins the Uncanny Inhumans team as one of the blacked-out figures was revealed.

Naja is a NuHuman -- that is, an Inhuman who gained her abilities after Black Bolt's Terrigen bomb -- and first appeared in Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman's "Inhuman" #5. Her powers include invisibility and flight.

Based on the remaining silhouettes, it looks as though Iso may be among the NuHumans joining the team. In the press release, the cover included the tagline, "Welcome to the Inhumans -- Hope You Survive the Experience!"

According to Marvel's FCBD announcement, "The Uncanny Inhumans" story will be penned by Charles Soule, who currently writes "Inhuman." It has not yet been revealed who will join him on art.

The story will be released on May 2.

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