Gaiman Eulogizes Cinamon Hadley, Visual Inspiration for Sandman's Death

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Comic book writer and author Neil Gaiman took to Twitter to eulogize the late Cinamon Hadley, the model who inspired Death of the Endless.

Gaiman paid tribute to Haldey, acknowledging the importance she played in creating one of the most memorable comic book characters of the last 30 years. "Rest in Peace, or head off to your next adventure, Cinamon Hadley," Gaiman wrote. "You gave Death of the Endless her face and her smile."

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While Death was conceived by Gaiman, the character's trademark look was actually designed by artist Mike Drigenberg, who borrowed the likeness of a friend at the time. Gaiman had other plans for the character, but upon seeing Drigenberg's drawing he immediately approved the design.

Death debuted in August 1989's The Sandman #8. She has since been the subject of several eponymous limited series over the years, but has appeared only sparingly within the DC Universe proper since Gaiman finished his run on The Sandman and its related titles.

Hadley approved the use of her likeness, and even appeared at comic book conventions following the character's debut. Before her death, she was a fashion designer. Hadley passed away on Saturday at the age of 48 after a long battle with colon cancer.

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